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NEWS FLASH!!!! U2 is coming to the ‘ville – updated

The site “” put the word out and then reports the following:

Announcement of U2’s 360° Tour

Today, announced U2’s tour for 2009, dubbed the 360° Tour. As previously reported, it covers two legs, the first in Europe and the second in North America. The initial announcement includes 15 shows in Europe and 16 in North America, with clear gaps for additional shows to be added in some cities, e.g. Dublin.
[REVTOM NOTES THAT AN ACTUAL  look at does NOT list many of the dates listed here (including the ‘ville). They indicate that more announcements will be coming this week. Stay tuned!]
The tour schedule includes U2’s first concert in Croatia. Sheffield, England receives its first U2 gig since 17 June 1992, plus it is U2’s first outdoor gig in Sheffield. In Virginia, U2 are playing Charlottesville for the first time; meanwhile over the border in North Carolina, Raleigh finally gets its first show – over twelve years since the intended first concert on 29 May 1997 was cancelled. U2 are also playing Oklahoma for the first time since their War Tour concert in Norman on 10 June 1983.

1st leg: European dates

(In brackets is the date tickets go on general sale. For pre-sale information, see this FAQ on

· 2009-08-10 – Zagreb, Croatia – Stadium Maksimir (27 March)
2nd leg: North American dates

· 2009-09-29 – Washington, District of Columbia, USA – FedEx Field (6 April)

LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
· 2009-10-01 – Charlottesville, Virginia, USA – Scott Stadium (4 April)

As noted above, some parts of the schedule contain lengthy gaps between concerts so that extra shows can be added in some markets once the first concert has sold out. Furthermore, don’t despair just yet if there are no concerts being held near your city: a recent Billboard report that proved accurate about the first two legs has forecast more shows in both North America and Europe over two legs in mid-2010, plus tentative plans to visit South America later in 2010.” (FROM 9 March, 2009)


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Americans love their cars. Today, I did something that turned out to be both relaxing and fulfilling. I cleaned the Volvo.  I got this car a couple of years ago and have never really cleaned ‘er up. Today, in some amazing weather (79 F.), I did so. Here she is:


PS, if you scroll down to the snow day post where everything is covered in snow just six days ago, you get a picture of our crazy March weather extremes.

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its a beautiful day

no, not the song, the weather… after a couple of meetings and some Chipotle for lunch I ran some errands and hanging out in some beautiful weather. The Volvo said it was 72 degrees F and I was driving around with the windows down… von Lazo is in the USA, check out his blog over in the daily links…

I got to see U2 talk a bit with Letterman… CBS.COM has most of it on line… So, I am going to link them (mainly for me and Laci while he’s in the USA ‘cuz I don’t know if these will play outside the USA – sorry) here in my own order (oh, you do have to watch a commercial before each clip, so plug your laptop into some speakers or put earbud or earphones on, click away and enjoy a half hour or so)

Letterman talks with U2

“It’s a Beautiful Day”

U2 answers questions (Lazo, you will love this)

“Breathe” is growing on me

“I’ll Go Crazy If I don’t Go Crazy Tonight

Ten things U2 has learned

This is becoming a favorite song: “Magnificient”

”Get On Your Boots”

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continuing thoughts about changes in life

One who is entering a new chapter in life should look forward and not backward, looking at each turn of the page with gladness for what is to come without regret of what is no longer.

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what about this post is not on U2’s cover?








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U2 this morning

Well at about 00:35 this morning U2 finally came on and did a song. I am not in possession of EVERY U2 song yet, but my guess is that this song was from the new album – which I’m going to buy today – and that is why – because of the context of Letterman’s stage and unfamiliarity with the message of the song (which is really important to me) I was less than wowed by the performance. I don’t know why they were stuck on the tail of the show like that, but it could have been better… I think Bono thought so too… I felt that he was trying to get the Letterman crowd into the song, but had only limited success… and Letterman at the end acted like he didn’t know what to do with the band… too much Letterman – too little U2 I guess.

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