its a beautiful day

no, not the song, the weather… after a couple of meetings and some Chipotle for lunch I ran some errands and hanging out in some beautiful weather. The Volvo said it was 72 degrees F and I was driving around with the windows down… von Lazo is in the USA, check out his blog over in the daily links…

I got to see U2 talk a bit with Letterman… CBS.COM has most of it on line… So, I am going to link them (mainly for me and Laci while he’s in the USA ‘cuz I don’t know if these will play outside the USA – sorry) here in my own order (oh, you do have to watch a commercial before each clip, so plug your laptop into some speakers or put earbud or earphones on, click away and enjoy a half hour or so)

Letterman talks with U2

“It’s a Beautiful Day”

U2 answers questions (Lazo, you will love this)

“Breathe” is growing on me

“I’ll Go Crazy If I don’t Go Crazy Tonight

Ten things U2 has learned

This is becoming a favorite song: “Magnificient”

”Get On Your Boots”

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One response to “its a beautiful day

    I did not get the chance to see it. I was always busy…
    the top 10 things are great.
    Also they the songs I will go crazy if I don’t go crazy tonight, is GREAT. I also like “Stand up”.



    P.s. I am not sure if I will find a place to charge my T-mobile… I ran out of money, so I am not sure if you can call me or not if I have no money on my end?… I look for a place to charge it.

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