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Taking in the glory of God (last beach post)

I stood in the surf, beholding the waves as they rose up and crashed onto the beach (almost knocking me over) and thanking God for His steadfastness and faithfulness.

I listened the roar of the sea, remembering the that He alone quiets the roaring of these waves, God is god of physics and meteorology and He, alone, is good.

I looked and saw the vastness of the ocean, and remembered that my hope in Him can be that immense.

I gave glory to God.

To my right I noticed a lump emerging from the receding water. The next wave covering and pushed it up the beach (we were almost at high tide and the beach was almost covered). I waded over to see and was greatly rewarded by God. I received this amazing gift…

This will become a reminder of those moments of contemplation of the greatness of God and remind me to give God glory!

Stop, friend, and as did the psalmist, to give God glory!

“Not to us oh Lord, not to us, but unto your name alone be all the glory! (Ps. 115:1)

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Know God, who is holy, and so, His work is unshakable..,

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September 30, 2018 · 05:25

The ‘otherness’ of God

Many (most?) of my posts in the last period of time have been posts to encourage us to rely on God when life is tough.

I think this is driven by a growing understanding of the struggle of so many friends.

Thus, I’ve been thinking that it is important to understand why we can rely on God.

As I rode the M’Cheyenne train Friday, I was excited to turn to Isaiah 6. It is, for me one of the great chapters of the entire Bible.




I’ve long thought of God’s holiness as the foundation, or, if you will, the core of His attributes (of which there are many like omnipotent (all powerful) and omnipresent (everywhere).

Holiness is a word that describes His ‘otherness.’

God is other.

He is neither caught up in my (or your) sin, nor is He surprised.

He is steadfast, I suggest, because he is Holy.

He is unshaken because He is holy!

This, it seems safe to conclude, is why the angels surrounding His throne sing:

Holy, Holy, Holy! (Cf. Revelations) The only attribute of God repeated 3x in angelic praise.

For me to understand His holiness a little better helps me rest in Him. Thanks be to God!

Glory to God in the highest!

I can rest, because He is holy, holy, holy.

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Our helper

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September 29, 2018 · 06:15


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He is dependable

As faithful as the sunrise and the waves is the steadfast love of God. Trust Him.

Rejoice in His steadfast love for you!

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