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How great is our Heavenly Father, the creator…

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Room with a view

This morning is my last in Vinnytsia for this trip, the last two nights I’ve been in an apartment with a view. At sunset…

In the morning…

In each case it is the light that makes the difference. Wether it be the multi colored sunset or the ever brightening sunrise.

The Orthodox church buildings are dominant in these pictures. Two observations about these buildings: First, that the golden aspects capture and reflect* the sun so as to reflect its brightness. This is a reminder that as disciples of Jesus, we should reflect Him to those around us. Secondly, the proximity of the buildings (especially the background on the hill) in the middle of city reminds us that our place is among the people. (Think of Paul in the marketplace.)

May we reflect the light through love that cares, acts and speaks truth.

“Whoever loves his brother abides in the light, and in him there is no cause for stumbling.” (1 John‬ ‭2:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬)

It’s in abiding in Him that we may best reflect His light!

What are the ways we may reflect the light among the people? How do our lives make them curious about the God we worship?


* Sorry, the brilliance is lost because I was shooting through a closed window.

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The fine brush work of God

I’m on the ground connecting flights now, but earlier I awoke and lifted the blind of my window and the light poured in! That’s the thing about light, darkens flees from it (but that’s another post for another day).

Local time was just after 8am (that’s just after 3am at home). I guess we were at 38,000 feet. I closed the blind so my sleeping neighbors wouldn’t be disturbed. Breakfast was being served to those who were awake. A few moments later the cabin lights had lit up the cabin so I lifted my window blind and here’s what I saw.

As we neared England the clouds changed to a more mixed variety.

A few months ago I began a new hobby, to dabble with drawing, then watercolor painting and recently I’ve tried my hand with acrylic. Because of this, my photography has changed a bit. Because I am learning how to use different brushes, I’m learning how to lay down background, large shapes and details.

Painting detail is accomplished with a small bit of paint on a fine tipped brush using a steady hand.

It’s hard.

It’s crucial.

When I saw the next picture, I marveled at the broad brush and fine painted detail.

Our sovereign God is the painter!

Fine details matter to Him, as time invested in reading Exodus and Numbers will teach us.

God paints the broad brushes and the details of your life. So do not fear.

He’s in charge and He’s not surprised.

When trouble or tragedy strikes, He didn’t see it and go, “Oh no, how did that happen? What do I do now?”

No, those are human responses that we erroneously apply to God.

Trust the broad brush work of God in your life and rejoice in the fine details of His sovereign hand.

Give thanks IN all things and rejoice!

He is shaping you!

(Thank you C. S. Lewis The Problem of Pain)

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Who’s your help?

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When circumstances around us cause anxiety…

Whenever I become anxious about circumstances, I reflect and see that my focus is wrong. This is true for the sick child, the lost employment or, as it seems, our angry and divided people. In every case, let us run to the Lord and, abiding in Him, gain His perspective. Then, with a God trusting perspective, we may…

As a friend recently asked His congregation, “Who’s in charge?”

Perhaps our anxiety shows how we truly answer that question.

Abide in Him.

Further reading for reflection: Psalms 120 & 121.

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Use the Bible carefully…

This text is from the final paragraph of 2 Peter. That last paragraph is incredibly important today as it warns against the misuse of Scripture. Teacher and preacher, use not Scripture to make your point, but take your point from what the Bible says.

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