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While our mission website is undergoing a re-fit we have placed our essential information about CEO on the page above and on our Christian Educators Outreach page over on Facebook, click HERE.

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a big announcement

Today, over nine hundred letters are going in the mail to all of the donors on record of CEO. This letter is from the board of directors of Christian Educators Outreach announcing that I am going to be working full time as CEO’s executive director. I leave Covenant one week from today and will dearly miss my colleagues. The purpose of this letter is to inform our donors of the past nine years of this change and to ask them to support the ministries of CEO.

People ask, what will you be doing? Where will you be?

I will answer the “where will you be” question now and the other later.

Sweet Anna and I will continue to live in Charlottesville as we have for 14 years. CEO was started here and all of our connections for the running of the organization are here. So, we will not need to move. I have traveled over 60 days a year for the mission of CEO for several years from C’ville and though the number of days away will certainly increase, the base can and will remain here.

I am very thankful to have an amazingly supportive board. Here are some excerpts from that letter…

“Dear Friends,

We, the Board of Directors, are writing to let you know of a significant change taking place at Christian Educators Outreach. This dramatic step forward will allow CEO to take a stronger role in advancing God’s kingdom and to reach the potential with which it was founded. Since its origin in April, 2000, CEO has supported ministries to those in spiritual and physical need in Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia and most recently South Africa. As our partners in these locations have spread the Gospel of Christ and His love, our Executive Director, Tom Foley, has facilitated, encouraged and mentored them, all while working as a full time teacher at The Covenant School. In addition, scores of students have been led by Tom on mission trips in support of these efforts.

After a period of study, discernment and prayer, Tom, with the blessing of the Lord and the encouragement of his wife Anna and the Board of Directors, is leaving his teaching position to go full time into the ministry of CEO. With God’s help and Tom’s full time attention, CEO will be able to fulfill its mission of placing English teachers in Hungarian schools, enabling church planters to start new churches and giving professional and spiritual assistance to preschools in Africa….

…Thank you again for your love and support for the work of CEO. We covet your prayers that the God of all grace and glory will bless this work of His hands.”

I am gratified to be serving in this capacity and look forward to seeing what God will do through us in this new chapter! Next up: “What will you do?”

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Commencement Gift

I want to post a commercial. This year I have given several students copies of “Daily Light on the Daily Path.” I was first introduced to this helpful volume by an older pastor who was wise enough to know that young students and young families often would not make time for reading Scripture. He gave me a copy of this volume. I have used it off and on in my morning devotions since. In the last few years it has become the first step of my morning connection time with God. I have found that more often than not, just what I need to hear from Scripture meets me on the screen of my Palm (yes, its on my Palm, don’t act surprised). God’s word is amazing and Daily Light is ALL God’s word. So, check it out online by clicking HERE. or using the link over on the right listed as Daily Bible Reading. It’s always there for your reference. So, as you commense a new day, look at God’s word and it will be a “Daily Light on the Daily Path.”

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2009 Covenant School Commencement

The 2009 Covenant School Commencement ceremony is over. I am gratified. I have posted the text of my speech over on LASTBIBLECLASS for posterity. I had it taped because Joanna wanted to see it. It is up on Youtube in four parts and is linked over on LASTBIBLECLASS as well. I am exhausted and am glad that, if I am smart and plan well, I will be able to rest up over the next two weeks. Here is a preview.

The rest is over on LASTBIBLECLASS and Youtube…


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with all your heart

In one his ancient letters, Paul said that we should do everything we do with all our hearts. This is true for us if we are young or old, excited or bored, talented or not so much… do everything with all our heart. As I wind down to the last couple of weeks in my current role, I am reminded to rekindle my spirit of service and perform my tasks with all my heart… This is in keeping with the mind of the man who poured himself out like a drink offering… pressing on!

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another ‘last’

okay, okay, I know, Kingdom Travelin has turned into a diary… sorry, but that is the way it is right now… BTW this post is from the Palm ‘cuz I’m rest’n on the couch before headin’ to my last Baccalaureatte at Covenant… so go easy on the miss-spells, okay? okay, thanks.

This mornin’ was my last chapel. It was a blessed time. Most of the seniors from the music team came in and we went out for the annual senior breakfast before the last chapel. Thanks tons to Doug S. who came in early with me (0630) to finish set up after athletic awards last night (another ‘last’). Doug works hard. In Chapel, the seniors did ‘Blessed Be’ (my fav) and then Boss 3 had some kind words for me. I gave Bryan, now Covenant’s Upper School Chaplain a challenge using some of Paul’s words to Timothy. which brings me to the thot for us all…

I reviewed Paul’s letters to Timothy as I thought about what to say to Bryan and remembered that these letters are about leading a community. So they are about leadership, but more, they are about attitudes and doing the right thing in the right way. I urge you people following Jesus to invest some time in these letters. They have rich instruction. Sorry, no link since I’m on the Palm. You can click “daily reading” in the right column and search for 1Timothy and find it quick.

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