2009 Covenant School Commencement

The 2009 Covenant School Commencement ceremony is over. I am gratified. I have posted the text of my speech over on LASTBIBLECLASS for posterity. I had it taped because Joanna wanted to see it. It is up on Youtube in four parts and is linked over on LASTBIBLECLASS as well. I am exhausted and am glad that, if I am smart and plan well, I will be able to rest up over the next two weeks. Here is a preview.

The rest is over on LASTBIBLECLASS and Youtube…


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6 responses to “2009 Covenant School Commencement

  1. Arden

    Good job, Foley! and yes, I listened to the whole thing! 🙂 Here’s to onward and upward to His next stations!

  2. Lea Coppage

    Thanks for posting this. I printed it out for Doug, and added a couple of RevTom quotes to my collection. I liked the way you quoted the graduates, and the way that you say, “Indeed.” There aren’t many people who can say “indeed” like you can. Made me smile.

  3. SO FOLEY…
    I love it when you are at FULL THROTTLE… 🙂

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