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it was a great trip…

…but there was no time to post… and jet lag is certainly discombobulating (note the time of the post – and I’ve been at school for 45 min… ahhh jet lag)

Joanna got several job offers, we are so thankful to God for the choices she now has. We are asking HIM to guide her in her decision making process. There is one school that (with human eyes) looks perfert, but they are not sure they will need a new teacher, we pray for that door to be opened by the Lord or left closed.

I was blessed to connect with friends, ministry partners, former students and travel to and meet new ministry friends in Sarajevo, Bosnia CLICK FOR SOME PICS.

I was able to clarify major plans for the June trip to Budapest, Vac, Szeged and Vukovar with my ministry friends and partners.

BELOW, you will find some random pics in posts that I will date for the day of the pic and maybe some thoughts to go with them.

This morning I am reminded of how great it is to serve the LORD. In Central and Eastern Europe, here at Covenant, around C’ville… God is GOOD, all the time.


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On my Feb. 07 trip, I was able to clarify plans with ministry partners and have determined this basic itinerary. the itinerary has moved over to the new EE007 blog, click here.

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Saturday Morning in Sarajevo

On the wall of a building on a side street near the river is this marker… it states


An interesting historical spot to say the least…

Below you will see that outside the mosque that dominates the main street in the old town there are people begging… older women, younger women with babies and children…

a bit later, we were wandering the market street when I noticed Laci in front of a mobile phone store… in this awesome stone building… I love the mixture of the old with the new…

In need of coffee, we went to a place that specialized in Turkish coffee… I, like Mark says over on his blog, have become a lover of this strong yet oddly smooth boiled coffee… now if one of my friends will tell me how to make it with my souviener coffee boiling set…

after coffee, we headed out to begin out trek back to Croatia… I spotted this scene of what is probably called New Sarajevo as we tried to find our way out of town…

Laci guided the Opel skilllfully through the streets and then we saw the sign showing the way to Tuzla and we KNEW we were on the right road… following the road signs… keeping an eye on the signposts is the way to keep on track… I think of Psalm 19… and I think of a great quote from C. S. Lewis… “Theology is like a map”


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on to Bosnia

The following pics come from our road trip today to Sarajevo, Bosnia

I was the map reader…

…leaving early gets you a beautiful sunrise…
arriving in Sarajevo, we began to see the beggars that we saw so many of during these two days…

In the old town we arrive in time for the call to prayer…

we saw scores of men crowd in…

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Tom’s one day tour

On Wed., Becca and I did a special edition of Tom’s one day tour… it wasn’t hot so we were comforable and there were only two of us so we moved pretty fast… here are some pix from that afternoon…
This pic is one of my fav scenes… we got kinda lost walking down from Buda castle and wound up walking ACROSS the tunnel entrance…
in fact if you look above the great seal and see the railing, that’s where we got stuck! my bad.

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castle hill

so the girl in the downhill tram couldn’t break a 10k note and we walked ziging and zagging down the hill from the palace, to the seal, across the tunnel entrance to the street… then across the bridge to St. Isvan’s Basilica…

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castle tunnel

so here is the tunnel that runs under the castle hill… it was a new experience for me to walk across the top of the tunnell where kids hang out…
from the top we took pix of the chain bridge… the great seal is just left as we view it here… from this spot we walked across the Chain Bridge to St. Isvan’s

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