it was a great trip…

…but there was no time to post… and jet lag is certainly discombobulating (note the time of the post – and I’ve been at school for 45 min… ahhh jet lag)

Joanna got several job offers, we are so thankful to God for the choices she now has. We are asking HIM to guide her in her decision making process. There is one school that (with human eyes) looks perfert, but they are not sure they will need a new teacher, we pray for that door to be opened by the Lord or left closed.

I was blessed to connect with friends, ministry partners, former students and travel to and meet new ministry friends in Sarajevo, Bosnia CLICK FOR SOME PICS.

I was able to clarify major plans for the June trip to Budapest, Vac, Szeged and Vukovar with my ministry friends and partners.

BELOW, you will find some random pics in posts that I will date for the day of the pic and maybe some thoughts to go with them.

This morning I am reminded of how great it is to serve the LORD. In Central and Eastern Europe, here at Covenant, around C’ville… God is GOOD, all the time.

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