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Szeged memories

Years ago, from 1997 – 2006 (or so) about a hundred of us, 10 or 15 at a time, went to Szeged, Hungary on mission trips from Covenant. I’m in Szeged right now and had a day pass and some time so I went to see some of those places…

Our teaching location at Deák! Remember wiffle ball?

I will never forget the lunches at the Hobiart Bistro, just ordering in the line was an event!

Remember this bakery down the tram line from Deák?

This was my arrival from my Balkan loop today, I was squinting because this was the first time I’d seen the sun in over 3 weeks.


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How Europeans view…

… or, at least the way The Economist sees it, WATCH HERE.


A helpful videographic on Russia’s recent expansion in light of the last 100ish years, WATCH HERE.

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Looking back since the wall crumbled

David Brooks on progress in Eastern Europe since the Iron Curtain crumbled. Herein he discusses the difference between failing an successful states economically and politically. READ the article that describes where things are still crumbling.

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Important Articles

David Brooks: “Putin and ISIS are not threats to American national security, narrowly defined. They are threats to our civilizational order.” Read more HERE

David Frum on Russia’s invasion HERE

The Economist on NATO getting its purpose back in focus. Read HERE.

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blinded by money and power

More Europeans are now supportive of various kinds of sanctions against Russia. But it took the killing of a plane full of people to get them to this point.

I’ve read two articles about ideas to punish Russia and Putin. Earlier in the week a German politician floated the idea of FIFA taking the World Cup away from Russia. Yeah right, like FIFA has a moral compass.

Today the Post has an article along these lines READ HERE about a businessman from Holland.

My question is, with all that has gone on in the last 8 months (and long before ) of Russia imposing itself on Ukraine, in a long line of impositions on former Soviet states, why did it take the murder of 298 people to make leaders (of all kinds), except apparently the French, who push forward with a military ship sale to Russia, to wake up to the reality of what Putin really is and wants?

I suggest it is the love of money and the need for power.

These two are two of the greatest stumbling blocks of humankind.

Which forces me to ask myself, what are the ways I’m being blinded by money and/or power in my own life and community? What about you?

What tragedy will it take to get us to awake from the denials of our lives?

We don’t need to be slaves to the desire for money and/ or power. Jesus died and rose again to give us the opportunity to be freed from such slavery in our own lives. We just need to wake up and realize that turning to him will guide us toward what is right. He offers us freedom and direction based on what is right, not on what works or has the best outcome for the most people. To follow his path is freedom indeed.

What are the ways I need to turn to him and away from slavery to money and/or power?

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Hungary votes #prayForHungary

Hungary is voting today. The Economist previews it HERE.

Please pray for Hungary.

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