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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

An amazing 2+ hour film. You really, really should see it. You must bring tissues.

The love of a child for his father, the desire of a child to make dad proud.

I remember wishing to make my dad proud, I think I did.

I recall a line from Shadowlands when a former student told Lewis that he loved his dad. Lewis asked “Did he know it?” “I think so.” Was the reply of Mr. Whistler.

Make sure that the people you love know it.

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back in 2002, I started writing a story, in ’06 I posted a bit of it… it remained in my head and I brought bits of it to Kingdomtravelin… I am now working on it again, doing some editing, fixing some stuff, expanding here and there… this is a post where some sections of it were posted in ‘first draft” condition…

kingdom travelin'

is this story new to you? go to the beginning

His passport now gone, Scott stood dumbfounded wanting to do something. The border guard stared at him waiting to see what he would do next. He had a gun and looked like he would be willing to use it.
“You’d better do as he said” Barnabas said quietly to his friend. Embarrassed, Scott sat down.
“He has taken my passport, I was just going where my passport went..” Scott said in a not-so-sure tone.
“Yes, but he didn’t ask you questions and he did not look through your bag. They may just be jumpy because of the girl they took off. The best thing for us to do right now is to sit quietly and see what happens. This train isn’t going anywhere anytime soon anyway. The best thing for us to do would be to pray.” At this both…

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4 questions

Here are four questions I use to think about my life in light of the Greatest Commandment…

What does my mouth tell me about the condition of my heart?

What do my fears tell me about what I really believe? Trusting God – Jer 17.5-8 & Hab. 3.17-19

What am I doing to renew my mind that I may deepen my understanding of God? Rom. 12.1-2, Eph. 4.17-24

What are the things in my life which take my strength away from God’s use.
How do I answer these with following the practice of Sabbath

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he’s at it again

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back to it

I just found a bunch of posts on my Blackberry that I had begun and left there, I just cleaned out those drafts and posted a few of them below… you may have noticed that I am back to blogging… i wonder how long it will last…

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growing in trust

To leave comfort is to grow. To give up control is to grow in faith. To be placed out of the expected is to grow. When we lose control of our direction and give it to others we learn to grow in dependence on that which is not ourselves. For those of us who are independent and self reliant, to allow others to be in control is a hard thing. But it is a good thing. To sit back and let others lead, and allow them to make mistakes is to trust. Even if that trust is misplaced and momentary mistakes are made, in the grand scheme of things our long term growth is more important and thus the experience is valuable. To trust and to follow Jesus is simultaneously wonderful and frightening.
Oh my dear loving and great God, I am glad to place myself in your hands. I know that your hand is before us and on us. I believe you can keep me on the course of life. You are greater than circumstances and the too frequent bad decisions that put us there. You are great and I place my trust in you for this day. Thank you.

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