Have confidence…

So draw near, be a peace, find new life in Christ. Make time each morning to abide in Him and be reminded of this great truth! Then, as the day goes on, have confidence in Him.

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The answer to despair:

Our level of ability to hope in God is in direct proportion to how much time we dwell on Him, abide in Him, listen to Him. My ability to Hope in Him is related to how well I know God. How well I know God relies largely to how much I soak in the words He has given me.

Run to the Scriptures friend, The Holy Spirit inspired them, and through them, He will nourish your heart.

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Be at peace because…

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What is the source of my delight?

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The disciplines described in the last series of posts are examples of how to take refuge. He is the rock! Abide in Him!

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Spiritual Disciplines

Over the last two weeks, you may read descriptions of the spiritual disciplines. They and the following are excerpted from CEO’s latest ministry resource: A Fresh Start Toward Renewal.

This is a revision and expansion of A Fresh Start (from last year). It is available on Amazon –  click here.

The disciplines are an active means to abide in Christ. Through this abiding, He may use them to enliven and change our hearts and minds to be more like Him. The purpose of the disciplines is to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God and thus to be more faithful and fruitful followers of Jesus.

But the disciplines are not an end unto themselves. Their practice does not improve our standing with God, only the work of Jesus can do that.

Each of us is different, and in that uniqueness, some disciplines are going to help you more than they might help me. But just because a discipline is not immediately profitable for you doesn’t mean you should give up. Perhaps you will profit from it later, so don’t give up. Remember, the disciplines are not the way to get on God’s ‘good side,’  so forget that. We use the disciplines to know Him better and through them, He may change us.

This following list of disciplines is in alphabetical order so that one does not appear more important than another. There are disciplines that may have been left out. If you’d like to suggest an addition for a future revision of A Fresh Start, let us know. They are written in a personal style as I share my own experience with them.

Finally, theses are not laws or rules, there is no minimum daily requirement, but try some of them. As you’re reading, use you pen to make some marks about the ones that resonate with you then practice a couple of them for a couple of weeks. Continue with the ones that nourish you and leave the others to other people. Each one is linked to a brief explanation of the discipline as I have experienced using it.

Adoration Prayer

Bible Meditation

Bible Memorization

Bible Reading

Bible Study


Disciple Making





Holy Reading

Hour of Prayer

Local Church Commitment


Praying Into, and When Waking From Sleep

Psalmist (Scripture) Prayer

Reminders to Pray











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