May there be peace

Kharkiv. A dump of russian projectiles and missiles that have been destroying this city for past 9 months.

I hope that someday, when it is all over, all of this material, both metal and plastic, will be recycled and made into parts for tractors and farm equipment so as to work the land for food.

May God have mercy.

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Black Friday

On this Black Friday, when thoughts turn from turkey and Thanksgiving to consumption and big deals, please pause for a moment and pray for Ukraine.

This pic is from the center of a city of a half million souls in central Ukraine. In the early evening yesterday, only the headlights of cars can be seen as there had been no electricity since 5:30am when an enemy attack turned off the lights.

Here is a prayer I prayed:
“I raise up prayers for you all today. Prayer for safety, warmth, running water, longer periods of electricity, and most of all, for your hearts and minds to be turned to our Lord, Christ Jesus.”

Please join me in praying. May God have mercy. May the terrorists be defeated.

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On this American Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for so much.

Breathing, heartbeat, and family.

But at this moment, I’m most thankful to have just learned that today our colleagues in Ukraine have running water… right now.
That may change in the next hour.

Think about that.

Pause for a moment and thank God that you had running water with which to make your coffee, brush your teeth, and wash. Let alone drink.

Thank God that no one is bombing your electricity supply and that you open your refrigerator as much as you want because your lights are on.

Then pray that the enemy will be defeated so that this terrorism against the population of Ukraine will end.

Thank you for praying.

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I wish you a good day as the LORD is your strength!

May He shine His face upon you and kindle in you the living hope that sustains is.

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Sitting, walking and praying where the Savior did…

Taking a cab up to the second highest spot in Jerusalem, we got coffee and sat for a spell on the Mount of Olives. This is a pano of Jerusalem from up there.

During Passion Week / Holy Week (you choose) Jesus spent a lot of time up here. And it was from here that tradition tell us he ascended. With that in mind we went to the spot that is revered for that event. But Luke names Bethany as the spot, so we hunted for a view eastward.

Looking east from the Mount of Olives. Bethany would’ve been back there somewhere. Those distant mountains may be across the Jordan river.
We walked down the mountain, stopped for a few moments of prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, then across the brook Kidron to the eastern wall of Old Jerusalem.
The Kidron valley.
Once across the Kidron valley we look back to see the Mount of Olives with the Garden bottom right. If the Temple were still standing, this would be the western vista.
These walls are not the original. They were reconstructed by the Ottomans.
But the enormity gives us helpful perspective looking up from above the Kidron valley to the southern corner of where the Temple once stood.
This southern wall once had a southern entrance to the Temple. Below it were various pools. We were heading for the Western Wall.
Signage facing those exiting the Dung gate on the southeastern wall.
Once through the almost airport type security lines, you’re welcomed by this.
Actual remnant of the western wall of the Temple that Jesus knew. The devout pray fervently, I joined them and prayed some Psalms. Here’s some of one of them…
From Psalm 135

Give praise indeed.

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