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spring brings many things…

buds on trees

birds that sing

warmer days

sitting on the sidewalk chairs at greenberrys instead of being inside…

and too much spring season work to do

that’s why I’m not bloggin much, nor even emailing as usual…

too busy is not good… must slow the pace down and appreciate those things I listed above…

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banquet table

the great banquet table mentioned in the Bible…. will it be a square? will it be round? a rectangle? well it will be in heaven so, shape becomes a non-issue… will we use our fork in our right hand prongs up like Americans? left hand prongs down like the Brits? left hand with prongs up like Hungarians? It will not matter… we will just be so glad to be there…

here on earth the worldwide body of Christ is all part of one, the Church… we don’t all speak the same language, worship the same, and even those of us who speak the same language have a diversity of style and jargon that we are not always quite sure what is going on… but that’s okay… we sit at the table because of the Grace of Jesus… if there is a head to this table, He is sitting there…

I’m just glad to be invited, aren’t you?

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kafe from Bosnia

This afternoon I broke out the kafe set, and decided to take my first try at Bosnian kafe

I called my friend Mark… and the process has begun… the first cup wasn’t quite right, the second cup (which had set longer in the grounds) was better… I did discover the necessity of getting a little bit of grounds with the sip… ahhhhh… more posts I’m sure… click here to see the pix from the FEB07 trip.

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Obama ‘gets’ Jefferson

Obama states…

“Many of the leading lights of the Revolution, most notably Franklin and Jefferson, were deists who–while believing in an Almighty God–questioned not only the dogmas of the Christian church but the central tenets of Christianity itself (including Christ’s divinity). Jefferson and Madison in particular argued for what Jefferson called a “wall of seperation” between church and state, as a means of protecting individual liberty in religious belief and practice, guarding the state against sectarian strife, and defending organized religion against the state’s encroachment or undue influence.” (p. 217)

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did I mention I’m readin Obama?

Back a few months ago, I picked up Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope. It has not been priority reading. But it has gone from a window sill, to bedside table (a worthless place for meeee…zzzzzzzzz) and to the table beside my spot in the living room. So yesterday when I didn’t feel like heavy reading I picked it up and began where I left off maybe a month ago… I was in the chapter titled “Faith.” I was and am facinated by what the man has to say. It sounds to me like he will be worshiping Him forever. He writes in this chapter what amounts to a “Beliefs Thesis” (my students will get that) without the theological jargon.

“I felt God’s spirit beckoning me. I submitted myself to His will, and dedicated myself to discovering His truth.” (p. 208)


capitalized pronouns and all…

can Rush say this? oh, sorry…

further, Mr. Obama says…

“But religion is rarely practiced in isolation; organized religion, at least, is a very public affair.” (p. 213)


“Our failure as progressives to tap into the moral underpinnings of the nation is not just rhetorical, though. Our fears of getting ‘preachy’ may also lead us to discount the role that values and culture play in addressing some of our most urgent social problems.” (p. 214-5)

“…the problems of poverty and racism and the uninsured… are also rooted in societal indifference and individual callousness–…” (p. 215)

interesting, very interesting…

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living to serve among Muslims

“Communicating the truth to Muslims for understanding.”

A guy who lives in the Middle East spoke in chapel today. I am not identifying him for security reasons… he spoke about connecting with Muslims. These are the notes I took, they sound exactly like connecting with PMs

You need to be sure that the words are understood.
The speaker must understand what the listener is hearing.

To Muslims the deed weighs as much as the word.

Historical context is important to understanding and communicating the truth.
Collective identity, not individuality is important in understanding context.

Job, life choices and activities are our idenity in the West
family, family heritage and relating to Muhammed in the muslim world.

In the West – choice
In the East – history

Religion is a birth thing not a personal choice.

Muslims are taught that the decline of the islamic empire was the result of straying from correct teaching… [Compare to modern jihadist teachings that are dividing muslim generations in west
how to reach? I need to blog about this]

some steps
1) understand identity
2) importance of language – live in the language
3) respect Islamic culture and history

living in a middle eastern ctiy
1) provide a safe and familiar environmment… Be aware of what is happening around us
2) permanance
3) community – being in community
4) orient our lives toward culture
5) relationships in the language and culture

I think there are amazing parallels to working among PMs

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a talk on postmodernism

At a missions conference recently, I was able to hear a speaker who really seemed to understand postmodern folks (like me?).
“A Message from America’s Future”

The ’emerging generation’ is postmodern (PM) in thought.

There is no return… [hense, we are where we are and we will not go back to modernism]

from the middle ages to the enlightenment
authority was seen in the person [Pope] and changed to knowledge [as authority]

[NOW] the new basis of authority is what I deem so

the European Church bought into values of the enlightenment…

WWI and WWII showed the failure of modernism and the church which emphasized reason was off track and had failed, thus the church died in the UK and elsewhr in Europe

4 tenants of PM

1. rejection of absolute truth

no one really believes this… There is plenty of wrong and everybody knows it… It really is a rejection of the claim of having absolute truth – especially against the church… RESULT: We need to learn to listen… it’s not about me being right, it’s about Jesus being right for Me… its the church more than the Gospel that PM mocks… we don’t give up on truth, we need to be humble to know we do not have a corner on it

2. anti expectation, sorry, I didn’t get this

3. cynicism, hopelessness, pessimism

modernism failed, PMs become anti optimistic

PM began in EUR after WWII, WHY? WWI AND WWII shwd modernism failed …

being not just talking

show Jesus is real

4. rejection of objective and emphasizing of subjective

we cannot explain everything, we must emrace mystical things and realize that we cannot answer all questions, show them how to love Jesus not just the truth about him

The speaker was Alan Waldecker.

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