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a talk on postmodernism

At a missions conference recently, I was able to hear a speaker who really seemed to understand postmodern folks (like me?).
“A Message from America’s Future”

The ’emerging generation’ is postmodern (PM) in thought.

There is no return… [hense, we are where we are and we will not go back to modernism]

from the middle ages to the enlightenment
authority was seen in the person [Pope] and changed to knowledge [as authority]

[NOW] the new basis of authority is what I deem so

the European Church bought into values of the enlightenment…

WWI and WWII showed the failure of modernism and the church which emphasized reason was off track and had failed, thus the church died in the UK and elsewhr in Europe

4 tenants of PM

1. rejection of absolute truth

no one really believes this… There is plenty of wrong and everybody knows it… It really is a rejection of the claim of having absolute truth – especially against the church… RESULT: We need to learn to listen… it’s not about me being right, it’s about Jesus being right for Me… its the church more than the Gospel that PM mocks… we don’t give up on truth, we need to be humble to know we do not have a corner on it

2. anti expectation, sorry, I didn’t get this

3. cynicism, hopelessness, pessimism

modernism failed, PMs become anti optimistic

PM began in EUR after WWII, WHY? WWI AND WWII shwd modernism failed …

being not just talking

show Jesus is real

4. rejection of objective and emphasizing of subjective

we cannot explain everything, we must emrace mystical things and realize that we cannot answer all questions, show them how to love Jesus not just the truth about him

The speaker was Alan Waldecker.

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Eastern Europe 2007 Mission Trip

This blog is a place for posting about EE07.

Team is selected!

Itinerary is in the works!

Prayer letters are distrbuted!

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Hungarian Forint

this Yahoo chart tracks the dollar and the forint, click here.

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C.S. Lewis on prayer

I’m plowing through a book of letters by Lewis and in one letter, I found a thought one on prayer worth posting. He was writing to his friend Arthur Greeves who had asked for prayer. On that subject, Lewis said the following about praying for his friend.

“It may not do you any good, but it does me a lot, for I cannot ask for any change to be made in you without finding that the very same needs to be made in me; which pulls me up and also by putting us all in the same boat checks any tendency to priggishness.” (p.53)

This makes me think of what I consider one of the most important ideas from Romans, we are all “in the same boat” with the same problem and all need the same solution.

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DONE posting Hungary Feb trip pix

scroll down to the 10th Feb and

then work your way up

to see the story of the trip.

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unrelated ideas?

“The church’s unwitting capitulation to powerful cultural forces has caused it to lose its prophetic, other-worldly voice. We must remember that we are the people of the future formed by the past, and living in the present.” – W. Tullian Tchividjian

I got this quote from a missions conference recently… during the same session, I wrote these things down that I heard said…

‘We must not be so pipelined (tunnel-visioned?) in our vision to reach the lost that we lose sight of who we are as the Church of Jesus Christ.’ – This comment is aimed at causing the church to consider how its tactics to reach the lost have caused it to lose some sight of itself, who she is, and how she should live. I think a good challenge… then I, days later, in reviewing these ideas thought this…

The church should be involved in the world, in culture, flavoring the world, but this should be done in such manners which hold her true to who she is… The spotless bride of Christ.

Thus one must consider what is appropriate for this bride to be a part of? How can this be clearly seen day-to-day? The bride has mandates from her groom. To be holy as he is holy, thus demonstrating she is his. As a bride is set apart at a wedding from the guests, so is the bride set apart from the world by her robes of righteousness. This bride is set apart but not removed, indeed, after the wedding she may walk down the aisle and smilingly acknowledging some of the guests present. At the reception, she and her groom mingle with all present, thanking them for their participation, their presence, their friendship. She radiates happiness and joy. People are happy to meet her because of her joy. The friends that surround her. Some from the past, some new, some will be around in a few years, some will not… What is the impact of this day and its memory on them? How will her reaction to them impact how they view her and her groom? Would they, having seen her, cause them to wish to be friends with them? Consider these questions in light of the fact that if you are a follower of Jesus, you are the part of the bride of Christ…

How does these ‘unrelated ideas’ inform us about the impact of the church? What lessons can we learn from this? Several, I hope. I hope to consider these ideas in the future… The plan of the wedding. The cost of the wedding. The gown/robe she wears. The joy she shows. Her attractiveness.

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