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I’m back…

some pix from Budapest…

sweet Anna and me on the yellow line (oldest subway on continental Europe) … yeah, its in Bp — UPDATE!! Joanna (the pic taker) says this is the red line… and on careful investigation, I see she is right… sorry…

We found the shoe memorial to the Jews who died in WW2 on this spot.

mom, dad, child… died here


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last post for a while

I think this will be my last post for a while (probably a bit more than a week). I have been pretty wrapped up with the last post and there is more I want to do with it ‘cuz i think its important. Anyway, on Tuesday sweet Anna and I board a plane for HU. We are excited about seeing our friends in service to the Lord and we will be staying in our daughter Joanna’s flat in Budapest while there. Lots of conversations are lined up for this trip.

’till then, here are some thoughts from the news (I’ve been a little ill and laying around listening to the news…)

The news from the Iraq-Turkey border isn’t good. The PPK is creating a further complication in an already crazy situation…

I read an interesting story about the Kosovo-Serbia situation which describes Serbia as a Russian client state. Read here. I have found this interesting historically but I want to make sure that people realize that there are many folks in Serbia who do not look at Putin as a hero-savior.

A friend and I are discussing God and world events. The question we are wrestling with is how involved He (God, not my friend) is in world affairs and how much He allows humans to take their own ‘fallen’ course of action. In a similar conversation, a student once said, “if God chooses to do nothing, isn’t that still a choice God makes?” Indeed, and the good thing is the assurance that we can have that the ultimate good is going to prevail in the end and that He is with us today, tomorrow and from now on… He will never forsake us. For this I am so grateful.

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a great thought about the heart and my job among students

My job is in a high school. I try to teach seniors about God. I have been saying for a good deal of time that quite often, the reason so many young people “leave” the faith (Christian… uh.. evangelical-?ish??) in college is because it was not a real faith of their own to them to start with. This book I’m reading speaks to the point of this topic:

“I would suggest that in most cases he has not forsaken his faith. In reality, his faith was the faith of his parents; he simply lived within its limits while he was still at home. When he went away to school and those restraints were removed, his true heart was revealed. He had not internalized the faith. He had not entrusted himself to Christ in a life-transforming way. He did the “Christian” things he was required to do at home, but his actions did not flow from a heart of worship. In the college culture, he had nothing to anchor him, and the true thoughts and motives of his heart led him away from God. College was not the cause of his problem. It was simply the place where his true heart was revealed. The real problem was that faith never took root in his heart.” (Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands, p.64)

I have not heard this stated quite as succinctly as this. This is what I have observed and suspected for a long time but not read put quite this way. Herein is the answer to seek to reach hearts with the Gospel. Nothing new here, just affirmation of what we knew to be true. I just wish I could generate some conversation about this. Maybe I can get something started through Facebook with some twenty-somethings. I would love to hear the agreements and disagreements from people who are close to this topic and have been there recently.


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the heart

I’m reading a book which talks about our need to seek God to change our hearts. I am struck by this truth… from the heart comes the words of the mouth…


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Honest with God

I think when we are honest with God and with each other, the enemy hates it. I think this because honesty doesn’t hide stuff and when I am not hiding things from God, my wife, my friends, I am being real with them. I think this is what God wants: honesty. The enemy wants our pride to cause us to hide stuff from God and each other.

Thanks Pastor Bill for preaching on this. Thanks Pastor Laci for blogging about it.

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so true

Over on JR’s blog, there is a thought provoking post on being right… check it out.

Over on Good Morning Sarajevo, you have got to see the images from a mosque during Ramadan…

No, I don’t have much to say… wait, yes I do. I heard a great story from a young friend tonight on how God has delivered him from drug abuse for 50 days now!

Thanks God for not leaving or forsaking us! So TRUE!

But please be kind about it will you?!?!??! (only makes sense to those who read JR)

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