last post for a while

I think this will be my last post for a while (probably a bit more than a week). I have been pretty wrapped up with the last post and there is more I want to do with it ‘cuz i think its important. Anyway, on Tuesday sweet Anna and I board a plane for HU. We are excited about seeing our friends in service to the Lord and we will be staying in our daughter Joanna’s flat in Budapest while there. Lots of conversations are lined up for this trip.

’till then, here are some thoughts from the news (I’ve been a little ill and laying around listening to the news…)

The news from the Iraq-Turkey border isn’t good. The PPK is creating a further complication in an already crazy situation…

I read an interesting story about the Kosovo-Serbia situation which describes Serbia as a Russian client state. Read here. I have found this interesting historically but I want to make sure that people realize that there are many folks in Serbia who do not look at Putin as a hero-savior.

A friend and I are discussing God and world events. The question we are wrestling with is how involved He (God, not my friend) is in world affairs and how much He allows humans to take their own ‘fallen’ course of action. In a similar conversation, a student once said, “if God chooses to do nothing, isn’t that still a choice God makes?” Indeed, and the good thing is the assurance that we can have that the ultimate good is going to prevail in the end and that He is with us today, tomorrow and from now on… He will never forsake us. For this I am so grateful.

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