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looking forward, sitting still

I am a forward looker. I am a sit stiller.

My peace comes from just being. Loving to arise early when it is quiet with just me and Him.

My enthusiasm usually comes from forward thinking. Last night I sat and typed up my plans for the 08-09 academic year in accordance with school requirements. It is an exercise in dreaming and putting legs to the dreams in the form of specific plans. It was invigorating to look ahead and think about what could be. May He make the plans come to fruition. May He receive the glory as His Kingdom is extended.

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traveling soon – blogging plans

Well, in under 7 days I should be checking in with this years team to begin the annual trip to the heart land… Joanna, since Mark (the guy whe NEVER posts anymore! eh, von Lazo?) is not going to be there, you have to say “welcome home.” SO, anyway, we’re off in 7 days from tonight… I made a blog to inform them and post for readers… I will post EVEN LESS (is that possible in this few-post-era of late?) here and more there… but then who knows??? If I can get wireless, I may be writing from Vac, Budapest and Szeged, Hungary, then Vukovar, Croatia, then Budapest, Hungary again, then London (maybe) and Oxford, England, then Mossel Bay, S. Africa, then Kyiv, Ukraine (maybe…), and finally Budapest again… well, it is the center of the universe, isn’t it?????? So all that blogging, all those individual posts from all those cool places…

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Team Blog

I am working on a team blog for next week’s trip it is over at ee08 (see links).

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garden hoses

I was working in the yard yesterday and needed to straighten out the mess that was our garden water hoses. So I knew what I needed to do. I drug them out into the side yard and spread their tangled ‘selves’ into the sunshine. You see, this warms and softens the plastic/rubber and makes it pliable. Thus not only are these hoses easier to untangle but the are easier to roll up into a better storage condition and ready for use. Kinda like me. I get all tangled up and need to just sit in the Sonshine and bask in Him through the Word and worship and prayer… this softens me so that I may hear the message and get myself straightened out. We all need to sit and bask in the warmth of the Son.


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Prince Caspian

Saw it last night.

Here is my favorite quote from pretty early in the movie.

Lucy sees Aslan but no one else does. Peter (or was it Edmund?) says “Why couldn’t I see him?” Lucy replies: “Maybe you weren’t looking.”

How often when we are up against a tough spot do we fail to see Him because we are not looking for Him?

Second favorite line… Peter is being tempted by the White Witch (do I have that right?) and Edmund destroys the Ice cage she is in and she is gone, saving Peter who was about to succumb to the temptation. Peter looks in shock and then Edmund says: “I know, you had it all sorted out.” This refers to a fight in an early scene of the film in which Peter is in a fight with a bunch of school boys and Edmund comes in and helps. Peter, in pride says:  “I had it all sorted out.” How often do we think we have it all figured out in our own strength?

I recommend the movie, it is faithful enough to the book.

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dominoes and theology

no, not the pizza… the little wood things with dots… they are lined up for this big week… grad week at Covenant! I finished all my grading, grade entering, and have almost all the dominoes lined up and tomorrow morning they will start falling (barring the unknown – but – you just deal with when it comes)… and then at noon Sat, the class of ’08 will be gone. whew… so why theology in the title? well, i thought about how we like to get our theological dominoes all lined up and our life dominoes lined up… when in reality life is not so easy to line up… its great to plan, but you know what? its not about the plan its about the moment… now… what am I doing to please Him now? ok, go line up your dominoes… oh, over on Lazo vonBlogger there is an interesting conversation taking place that started with a post he made last week… check it out.

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another question worthy of thought

… and comment!

I have not been blogging this week or last very much… because of this MOUNTAIN of personal theological papers that I have been reading… somewhere about 800 pages of grading… hence my absence from the blog-o-sphere and even my email inbox…

SO now, I’m almost finished reading and grading (and in some cases – writing long responses to comments and questions my students ask in their papers)… So I was just reading one who has echoed a theme that I have seen in more than just a couple of papers… that being this:

“I have not seen enough and I have not learned enough to know what I believe, I think I am not old enough to know what I believe as my beliefs are evolving.” (a compilation, not a direct quote)

So, thinkers, theological and otherwise… what is your response to this student??? I would like the various wise voices to answer this question please in the comment section…

Now,  comment away and lets see what you all say…


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