Prince Caspian

Saw it last night.

Here is my favorite quote from pretty early in the movie.

Lucy sees Aslan but no one else does. Peter (or was it Edmund?) says “Why couldn’t I see him?” Lucy replies: “Maybe you weren’t looking.”

How often when we are up against a tough spot do we fail to see Him because we are not looking for Him?

Second favorite line… Peter is being tempted by the White Witch (do I have that right?) and Edmund destroys the Ice cage she is in and she is gone, saving Peter who was about to succumb to the temptation. Peter looks in shock and then Edmund says: “I know, you had it all sorted out.” This refers to a fight in an early scene of the film in which Peter is in a fight with a bunch of school boys and Edmund comes in and helps. Peter, in pride says:  “I had it all sorted out.” How often do we think we have it all figured out in our own strength?

I recommend the movie, it is faithful enough to the book.

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  1. Mike Smith

    I recall many years ago reading Prince Caspian to my son and my favorite line from the book comes shortly after the one quoted in your blog. Aslan appears again to Lucy and Lucy asks why he (Aslan) hadn’t warned them of the dangers they encountered and then Lucy asks what would have happened if they had taken a different route. Aslan answers Lucy “You can’t know what would have been.” I find those words to be encouraging because they keep me from spending time worrying about what would have occurred on paths not followed but, instead, focusing on what lies ahead and how I can learn from the past and make better decision in the future.

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