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dominoes and theology

no, not the pizza… the little wood things with dots… they are lined up for this big week… grad week at Covenant! I finished all my grading, grade entering, and have almost all the dominoes lined up and tomorrow morning they will start falling (barring the unknown – but – you just deal with when it comes)… and then at noon Sat, the class of ’08 will be gone. whew… so why theology in the title? well, i thought about how we like to get our theological dominoes all lined up and our life dominoes lined up… when in reality life is not so easy to line up… its great to plan, but you know what? its not about the plan its about the moment… now… what am I doing to please Him now? ok, go line up your dominoes… oh, over on Lazo vonBlogger there is an interesting conversation taking place that started with a post he made last week… check it out.

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