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The King Jesus Gospel

Am reading this interesting book. Quotes and thoughts will show up in the Twitterfeed to the right.

What is the Gospel? That’s the first question.

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grateful for partnership

from Dallas airport

Sweet Anna and I were sitting on a plane about to leave Dulles at noon. We’re headed to see Hyun graduate tomorrow at U. Of AZ. Today is the big day for the Giving of Life announcement. I checked Twitter one more time before shutting off the phone and they had JUST announced the three awesome ministries who had won! God be praised!!! I went right to the G of L website to see if the other 17 grantees were listed, and there we were!!!! I looked four times just to make sure! I put up a quick tweet, a fast post to and then turned off the phone so I wouldn’t get yelled at and tried to calm down for the flight.

When asked about the status of this grant possibility, I told our board the other week that I predicted the top three would go to some awesome ministries: one Africa, one Haiti and one USA. I nailed it. But based on all the awesome ministries in the running, it didn’t take a genius to make that prediction. I was still hopeful. But had rule 1 firmly in place.

Right now, I’m thinking about how I’m grateful for a lot of things. First, the vision of the folks at Giving of Life. Second, the people who suggested we do this. Third, the collaboration that took place to get us signed up. Fourth, the folks who actually made time and participated in the video (which has since become an important part of our website!). Fifth, my awesome son-in-law who worked hard and fast to put the awesome video together with only the smallest changes from me. Sixth, for all the people who voted and got others to vote. And now I’m grateful for the vision and partnership of Giving of Life who have granted us $2000!

This is SUCH a God thing, the timing is amazing. We are a few thousand behind as we end the calendar year and are seeking the financial partnership of folks to help us finish ’11 well and then have a good financial platform to kick off ministry in 2012. In fact I just began our web conversation about this financial need yesterday over on

Back in October, just before I left on the Fall Trip, I set a $20,000 goal. As of the 6th of this month we had about $5,500. NOW, THANKS to Giving of Life’s $2K grant (10% of the goal!) We are 1/3 of the way to our end of year need! Thank YOU Giving of Life!!!

God has blessed a lot of people through Giving of Life today. I am glad we are among them.

Thank YOU if you voted and pushed voting through Twitter and Fb and email.

Thank God for enabling us to do this. He is our source.

If you would, after prayerful consideration, like to donate toward our end of year need, you can find out more on

Thanks! now… where’s the gate for our next flight?

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it’s snowing on WordPress again!

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a days work: before & after

Some before and after shots… Thanks Josh for coming out and helping me get the place cleaned up!

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