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looking for good media that points to Jesus

I have been looking for good media that points to Jesus… have you seen any? Would you share your recommendations in comments?

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THANK YOU dear readers!!!!!

March of 2012 was another record month for views! There were ten of us!!!!


today is in the running for a top day! There have been 6 of us.

NO, there have been 7 of us a new one day record!

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I had no idea… with regret, I noticed…

that this blog and other WordPress blogs now feature ads…

Please note: I HAD NO IDEA,

Today, I learned that WordPress has now begun running ads on WordPress blogs (without the bloggers knowledge or approval?).

This is what they have put up:

“At, we sometimes display advertisements on your blog to help pay the bills. This keeps free features free!

We only run them in limited places, and we do not show ads to logged-in readers [AHA, this is why I had not noticed!], which means only a very small percentage of your page views will actually contain ads.”

If you see ads, I am sorry. I am considering the $30 fee to rid my blog of ads. No matter if I would like to drive a Jaguar on a track or regardless if I am VERY comfortable in my own skin.

Q: how did you find out?

A: I was redoing our wireless and to check the connection on a computer other than mine, I went to my blog without being signed in… thus my discovery!

Q: are you ticked?

A: No, I run a non-profit, I understand the need for revenue to match expenses (see “Support Our Cause” above), so I get the need for WordPress to need revenue. I just wish I had known. Maybe they emailed me, I don’t know. Anyway…

Q: are you gonna pay the $30 or switch back to Blogger?

A: Huh, I hadn’t thought of that. I will have to contemplate it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Q: are you just talking to yourself.

A: It does seem that way doesn’t it?

Q: Does this mean that the new WordPress policy has driven you crazy?

A: Perhaps, but, it would not be a long drive.

HEY! would YOU, dear reader, COMMENT if you see ads? just to let me and the other 5 people who read this blog know what’s going on? Your editorial about ads and my mental state, of course, would be optional.


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what makes good Christian media?

You, like me, have probably seen some good Christian media. Maybe not that much, but maybe so. What are the things that made it good? Dare you even give examples in comments???


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terrible Christian media

What is the worst Christian media you have seen? What about the best?

What made it bad?

What made it good?

Comments please!

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Is Victor bacsi demonstrating wisdom?

Is Victor Bacsi slicing the salami wisely? The Economist has a bit of a review of the events of the last couple of weeks and Hungary’s pickle with the EU. READ

(Sorry, still figuring out posting links from the phone)

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