what makes good Christian media?

You, like me, have probably seen some good Christian media. Maybe not that much, but maybe so. What are the things that made it good? Dare you even give examples in comments???


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3 responses to “what makes good Christian media?

  1. philoblogy

    how do you define “Christian media”?

    • GREAT question… for my purposes on this series of posts, I would define it as media that is put forth for the purpose of informing about issues important to Christians, like about Jesus… so this media could be narrative or it could be theological, or a combination. I am not, in this case thinking of movies that are put out there to make a Christian point.
      Perhaps I have muddied the waters even more?

      • philoblogy

        In that case, as far as film goes, without a doubt I’d have to say Terrence Malick’s Oscar-nominated “The Tree of Life.” No one knows very much about Malick, and especially his religious preferences, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that more poignantly, artfully, and authentically confronts life’s most important questions (mainly, where is God in the midst of human suffering?) from a Christian perspective. It’s not overt (think “Fireproof”), is rather mysterious, and declines to explicitly provide tidy answers, which I think are a few reasons why not very many evangelical Christians have been drawn to it. But if you pay attention, all the clues are there.


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