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Heathrow office


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May 29, 2014 · 10:41

beauty in Orahovica


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May 27, 2014 · 06:15

so far so good #prayforUkraine

I feel like our prayers for the Ukrainian election were answered. They were largely peaceful and free from incident.

This article from The Atlantic gives a good analysis of the broader situation and what might come next… CLICK HERE

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Ukraine elections #prayForUkraine

Tomorrow many Ukrainians will go to the polls to vote in presidential elections. Many other Ukrainians will not be able to vote because of the pro-Russian thugs. The Russian thug-in-chief has said he will respect the Ukrainian vote. He has lied before. All any of us can do is pray. So please take a moment and pray for peace in Ukraine.

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To Serbia


On another nice new train, this one from southern Hungary to Serbia. I get to talk with a bunch of pastors tonight and tomorrow. Then to Croatia Thursday.
My 4 days in Hungary have been very busy and fruitful!

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Who inspires you? To what?

I have a good friend back home who inspires me with his discipline. I see it in all aspects of his life. The most important being that he has this great attitude about beginning his day with long and intense time with God. To know we press on together helps me press on.

Who inspires you in your path with Jesus? What do they inspire you to?

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