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Okay, I really do try to keep the more self focused and “I got this” posts to a minimum. I really, really do.

Well, most of the time. But not tonight!!!

I have learned that with the flight down here to S.A., I FINALLY qualified for BRONZE status in the British Airways Executive Club, finally.

People often ask me before each trip if I am excited. I seldom am.

But I am excited about Thursday! See, on Thursday, when I get back to Johannesburg, and I go to check in, I walk right by the long line for economy check and past the shorter but still long line for bag drop and will go get in that shorter line for business class (even though I am not flying business)… that’s what bronze gets me… out of long lines for check in and for boarding. I have already confirmed my seat, and did not have to pay extra to do it before online check-in begins because I made it to bronze. Heck, I may just skip the whole online check in thing altogether now.

Yes, I guess I am bragging. Sorry.

And yeah, I know, you are rolling your eyes and saying “who cares?”

But me? if you see me before Thursday and ask me if I’m excited about this next trip, I’m gonna say “yeah!”

Years of loyalty has finally paid off (of course the upgrade to business last week didn’t hurt). Hanging in there pays off I guess.

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Indian Ocean at Mossel Bay


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May 11, 2014 · 11:34

South to South Africa

Gotta post this pic (taken on the way to the gate at Heathrow) of the huge bird I flew in last night… Airbus 380 double decker


Pretty amazing how quiet it is inside.

And at Johannesburg airport I had a culture difference observation (didn’t qualify as culture shock) next to security before the domestic terminal …


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Ukraine Crisis: two helpful historical perspectives

Russia’s Latest Land Grab in Foreign Affairs click HERE

A video on history from Kiev-Rus from NewsHour here

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