traveling soon – blogging plans

Well, in under 7 days I should be checking in with this years team to begin the annual trip to the heart land… Joanna, since Mark (the guy whe NEVER posts anymore! eh, von Lazo?) is not going to be there, you have to say “welcome home.” SO, anyway, we’re off in 7 days from tonight… I made a blog to inform them and post for readers… I will post EVEN LESS (is that possible in this few-post-era of late?) here and more there… but then who knows??? If I can get wireless, I may be writing from Vac, Budapest and Szeged, Hungary, then Vukovar, Croatia, then Budapest, Hungary again, then London (maybe) and Oxford, England, then Mossel Bay, S. Africa, then Kyiv, Ukraine (maybe…), and finally Budapest again… well, it is the center of the universe, isn’t it?????? So all that blogging, all those individual posts from all those cool places…

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