banquet table

the great banquet table mentioned in the Bible…. will it be a square? will it be round? a rectangle? well it will be in heaven so, shape becomes a non-issue… will we use our fork in our right hand prongs up like Americans? left hand prongs down like the Brits? left hand with prongs up like Hungarians? It will not matter… we will just be so glad to be there…

here on earth the worldwide body of Christ is all part of one, the Church… we don’t all speak the same language, worship the same, and even those of us who speak the same language have a diversity of style and jargon that we are not always quite sure what is going on… but that’s okay… we sit at the table because of the Grace of Jesus… if there is a head to this table, He is sitting there…

I’m just glad to be invited, aren’t you?

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  1. Laci and Keri Németh

    and how often we forget how HUUUUUUUUGE is HIS grace?

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