Commencement Gift

I want to post a commercial. This year I have given several students copies of “Daily Light on the Daily Path.” I was first introduced to this helpful volume by an older pastor who was wise enough to know that young students and young families often would not make time for reading Scripture. He gave me a copy of this volume. I have used it off and on in my morning devotions since. In the last few years it has become the first step of my morning connection time with God. I have found that more often than not, just what I need to hear from Scripture meets me on the screen of my Palm (yes, its on my Palm, don’t act surprised). God’s word is amazing and Daily Light is ALL God’s word. So, check it out online by clicking HERE. or using the link over on the right listed as Daily Bible Reading. It’s always there for your reference. So, as you commense a new day, look at God’s word and it will be a “Daily Light on the Daily Path.”

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