another ‘last’

okay, okay, I know, Kingdom Travelin has turned into a diary… sorry, but that is the way it is right now… BTW this post is from the Palm ‘cuz I’m rest’n on the couch before headin’ to my last Baccalaureatte at Covenant… so go easy on the miss-spells, okay? okay, thanks.

This mornin’ was my last chapel. It was a blessed time. Most of the seniors from the music team came in and we went out for the annual senior breakfast before the last chapel. Thanks tons to Doug S. who came in early with me (0630) to finish set up after athletic awards last night (another ‘last’). Doug works hard. In Chapel, the seniors did ‘Blessed Be’ (my fav) and then Boss 3 had some kind words for me. I gave Bryan, now Covenant’s Upper School Chaplain a challenge using some of Paul’s words to Timothy. which brings me to the thot for us all…

I reviewed Paul’s letters to Timothy as I thought about what to say to Bryan and remembered that these letters are about leading a community. So they are about leadership, but more, they are about attitudes and doing the right thing in the right way. I urge you people following Jesus to invest some time in these letters. They have rich instruction. Sorry, no link since I’m on the Palm. You can click “daily reading” in the right column and search for 1Timothy and find it quick.

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