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It is said that when Saint Augustine died, he had nothing but his writings and few clothes. Everything he had belonged to the monastery. To practice simplicity does not require a vow of poverty, but it does suggest moving away from a lifestyle that is focused on possessions into a lifestyle of less. Doing more with less means having fewer things around us to care for so that more of our attention may be toward God and people. If I didn’t have to mow the lawn, that’s forty minutes I could give to something else. But we must be careful about extremes. Because it is during that very forty minutes that I can often be in solitude and silence with God as I follow my noisy mower, oblivious to everything, except the row of grass that I am cutting. It’s about attitude, and asking: Can I do without this thing?”


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            The Bible is filled with singing! To sing the praises of God is what many of the Psalms are all about. Singing as a form of worship (all of these disciplines should be seen as worship) whether alone in your prayer closet or among your fellow disciples is a key discipline. On key, off key, whatever kind of joyful noise you can make, worship the Lord in singing! And don’t think singing is just praise, we can lament in song as well as we can praise, but in either case, rejoice always!

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