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whew… (if you hate diary-esque posts, skip this one)

After a busy weekend, I was really dragging yesterday… but Sweet Anna took me to Amigo’s last night, then 24 and an early night (followed by an early morning) and two great chapels, I am back to near normal… but there is one more thing to whew about… (sorry this is a really diary-esqe post… but starting tomorrow, some heavy stuff to contemplate… keep checking…)

see, on Sat. princess irene (whose birthday it is today!) suggested i sign up for the u2 fan club to get prefered seating… but reading the FAQs, I wondered if I was wasting the money b/c I wasn’t sure to get in to the pre-selling early enough (pre-selling began at noon today for some people)… so, I was SO zonked yesterday, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it… then a colleague who knows of my love of this social justice, prophetically voiced music, who’s spouse is a faculty member at TJ’s U offered me some of their allotment and then I thought of another friend on the faculty who gave me all of her allotment and now I am set! My tickets to the Oct 1 U2 concert in the ‘ville are in the works!

whew indeed… sorry for the diary-esque post, but I did warn you! Lazo, U2.com says a second show has been added for Zagreb! How awesome is that?!?!?!?!?

since I am posting… a thought that I had the other day and then developed that might be worth your contemplation… I wrote to a friend to let him know I would miss an important event; I wanted to prevent his wondering where I was so I said…

“I didn’t want you wondering aimlessly”

my friend replied to said email and asked about this statement, to which I replied…

“the prevention of wondering aimlessly is the task of the wise, for you see, to wonder without aim
is akin to nothingness… for true wonder must have a spark, thus there is an implied aim…

on the other hand, to wander aimlessly is to gain insight, for he who can wander aimlessly is the wise traveler who gains insight from what he passes on his journey…”


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