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A.J.Jacobs encounters C.S.Lewis???

I really enjoyed the OT section of this book. It has been really eye opening as a secular guy (he is of Jewish stock, but a secular upbringing) wrestles with the law of, the faith in and the reality of God… I have learned some interesting things about the OT law and the writings surrounding it. It has been interesting to watch A. J. Jacobs journey… He has gone from calling it an idea and project to his describing himself as on a spiritual pilgrimage. I’ve just begun the NT part and so far, he is visiting Lynchburg and watching the 700 club so nothing new in wither of those places… He does ask an interesting question: Can one follow the moral teachings of Jesus without accepting Jesus? This is what he seeks the answer to first in his NT quest. An important question indeed. Lewis’ famous answer is, of course, no, but that requires one to trust the words of the Bible doesn’t it? Jacobs believes in the JEPD hypothesis (Laci, we will allow you to describe the JEPD theory in a comment for us), so I don’t know what he will do with Lewis or if he will even encounter Lewis’ work. We’ll see…

Huh… Jacobs encounters Lewis… they both use their initials, that would be an interesting thought process. Maybe he Twitters, I’ll look and, if he does, I’ll ask him… (yeah, like he will answer)

BTW this is post number 799! What should I do for post number 800????? 

(yes, I do watch how many posts I have posted, and yes, I do watch my statistics… sad, huh?)


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