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reading update

as I mentioned a week or so ago, I am reading The Year of Living Biblically and I really like it… it is funny and it is interesting to read the perspective of a secular, just Jewish NYer on living the laws of the Bible – – yes, he tried to keep the laws… and he has not yet given up… It is interesting to hear how these things affect his heart… struggling with his sin (though he would not call it that) and learning to pray… indeed, his intentionality about praying would put the vast majority of Evangelicals to shame… his desire to ‘get’ the sabbath and finally experience it while locked in a bathroom for four hours was a cool read – he was ready for four hours of quiet… would you be ready for four hours of quiet? no books, no i-pod, no magazines, no tv, no nothing… sabbath… I need a week of them…

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