Daily Archives: March 12, 2009

The Year of Living Biblically

The department I work in, having just finished reading The Great Omission (see earlier post), is now embarking on the reading of The Year of Living Biblically. With my feet up on my desk (its been a rough week – my spiritual director says I need a two day solitude retreat – but then he’s been saying that for months), ANYWAY… I read the introduction (admittedly when I got the book earlier today and saw a fellow department member, I was scoffing at the volume) and was struck by two things: first, it is very readable and second… the author is seeking counsel to guide him through this journey… seeking counsel to guide him… too little guidance out there… maybe I better listen to my spiritual director if I’m advocating our seeking counsel, huh? More on the book as it strikes me worthy of the blog.


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