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an important/interesting question (post 800!)

Who has been the most influential person in your life? and why?

Now, I think this needs some clarification. Such as, what do we mean by “in your life?” Does this mean a living human that you have or do interact with on a regular basis? What does regular mean? Could this be an author (or, um… preacher?). Should we consider the negative influences instead of just positive influences? Can there be more than one (‘cuz, if so, then the question would be ‘Who are the people who have been the most influential in your life?’)? Or should there be no rules at all? Yes, that’s it, no rules. Wait, lets be positive so no negatives, (I don’t want former students trashing me – not like they read my blog anyway). So, no negatives. But it can be an author or preacher… and there can be more than one… but not more than five… ‘cuz I think that means you didn’t think hard enough.

ANYWAY, I will publish all two comments from my three readers (I told you I watched the stats) whether there are one or more than one influences, just as long as you have thought about it and say why. Oh, one more thing, can the Christians who might participate not just say ‘Jesus.’ I mean, isn’t that obvious? Can you guys answer the question “Which 100% human(s) has/have been most influential in your life? please? thanks. Same goes for you Muslims, Jews and Buddhists, Hindus (well, you never know)…

I too will post my thoughts in the comments after I have really thought about it.

Thanks to Arden for the good idea. Sorry Joanna.

There it is, post 800. Wheeeeeew, I’m glad that’s done, that was really stressing me out, and the blog stats have looked like the Dow Jones Industrial Average with the lack of posting. Now, think and comment please. Thank You.


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