an important/interesting question (post 800!)

Who has been the most influential person in your life? and why?

Now, I think this needs some clarification. Such as, what do we mean by “in your life?” Does this mean a living human that you have or do interact with on a regular basis? What does regular mean? Could this be an author (or, um… preacher?). Should we consider the negative influences instead of just positive influences? Can there be more than one (‘cuz, if so, then the question would be ‘Who are the people who have been the most influential in your life?’)? Or should there be no rules at all? Yes, that’s it, no rules. Wait, lets be positive so no negatives, (I don’t want former students trashing me – not like they read my blog anyway). So, no negatives. But it can be an author or preacher… and there can be more than one… but not more than five… ‘cuz I think that means you didn’t think hard enough.

ANYWAY, I will publish all two comments from my three readers (I told you I watched the stats) whether there are one or more than one influences, just as long as you have thought about it and say why. Oh, one more thing, can the Christians who might participate not just say ‘Jesus.’ I mean, isn’t that obvious? Can you guys answer the question “Which 100% human(s) has/have been most influential in your life? please? thanks. Same goes for you Muslims, Jews and Buddhists, Hindus (well, you never know)…

I too will post my thoughts in the comments after I have really thought about it.

Thanks to Arden for the good idea. Sorry Joanna.

There it is, post 800. Wheeeeeew, I’m glad that’s done, that was really stressing me out, and the blog stats have looked like the Dow Jones Industrial Average with the lack of posting. Now, think and comment please. Thank You.


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8 responses to “an important/interesting question (post 800!)

  1. arden

    WHOO HOOO!!! I win, I win, I win, I win!!! Ok, name that film…I think the actual line is “We won! Mommy, we won!” Hm, I asked the question and I’m trying to think of 1-5 people. Probably topping the list would be my dad, both for positive and negatives…hey, we’re all human, right? And God has turned the negatives to positives through my repentance and God’s forgiveness. Next would be the person who led me to the Lord, Kevin Martin…for obvious reasons…but even more significantly because WE ARE STILL FRIENDS AND LORD BLESS HIM CUZ HE SUPPORTS ME FINANCIALLY AND PRAYERFULLY! The other 3 will go unnamed, but one is a pastor who asked me the question when I was preparing to go overseas the first time, “What would you gain by staying in the U.S.?” GREAT QUESTION! (He was making sure I wasn’t running from anything!) The next would be a friend who loved me deeply with Jesus’s love during a significant season of radical change in my life…and then walked out. Again, both positive and negative, and once again, I wouldn’t trade the negative ‘cuz it’s taught me to lean more on Jesus than ever before and learn how to forgive to levels never understood before. Finally, someone who challenged me to pray about moving overseas indefinitely! Wow, tough to narrow it down to 5!

  2. Michelle

    Good morning,

    There are some of us that read your blog. We are just not as consistent, RevTom! I will have to ponder your question and get back to you on this one. . .

    • Thank you for being thoughtful before answering Michelle!

      • Ok, I have thought about the most influencial people and there are about four. My dad is first… From him, I learned loyalty. I learned the importance of serving people. I learned the importance of throwing yourself headlong into what you do. When I went through his books after his death I found his NT and say how, with every reading, he checked the page… every page had its margins covered with checks. And I learned these things from him by his example. Sweet Anna (my wife) is next. I heard the Gospel because of Sweet Anna, I live my life in partnership with her, we have been thorugh thick and thin together. In Christ, we have achieved a great deal together and because of her willingness to support me, God has used us to bring help and support to His people. I must also mention that it is in partership with Sweet Anna that we have the best princesses on the planet (and, yes, the adopted prince). Maybe Sweet Anna should be first. Next is C.S.Lewis, who taught me to reason and think. He taught me to believe and go to God for this belief, not what other people expect me to believe. Finally, St. Paul. It is the example of St. Paul (a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus, Paul the Apostle) that showed me the importance of being willing to go through a door that God opens, as well as how to listen intently to hear when God turn the handle and opens the door in the first place. I also learned intensity from Paul, and like him, I fear, sometimes too much. I would say that these four have influenced me most.

  3. Colby

    actually this question came up in a conversation between me and Emily just last week. (the rules were that family was excluded and you had to pick one influential person you knew personally and one that you didn’t)
    My answer was chris van s because he has been like a second father to me. he taught me so many things that i am sure still affect me on a day to day basis.
    My other person was J.D. Salinger because his writing is so inspiring and influential to mine.

    having said that i think gathering influence from as many people as possible is key to living a fulfilled life. i have met so many people who have changed who i am as a person in so many ways big and small. it’s made me rethink how i interact with people whom i may even just have one conversation with once in my life. its weird to think about but i believe that those people have an impact that is very hidden but can still change you in a big way. HAHa i hope that rant helps get my point across.

  4. stuckonenglish

    The most influential persons to me..
    You and Mom are tied for first because I can’t choose a top one without picking favorites.
    Dad.. you have raised me to think for myself, to put Christ first and find my faith without telling me how to find it. You have shown me the reasons to love the world and helped ignite the passions for missions in my heart. You have shown me the closest thing I can find on this earth to unconditional love and grace. I hope that I can only imitate these things to my children.
    Mom.. by living overseas I have grown to understand her more and the many sacrifices she has made for my family and me. She has inspired me to work hard and do it with all my heart for God. She has believed in me throughout the years even when I am sure it wasn’t easy to do. She has inspired me to learn a different language and to function in a whole other culture. She’s inspired and encouraged me to get a good education. She also inspires me with her divine discipline to daily read the word and pray in her chair. She has shown me how to make family ties so close, that makes our family so odd and wonderful:)
    My favorite author.. Priscilla Shrier.. she has inspired me to see God in a real way. Her words have encouraged me to see myself through God’s eyes as a daughter of Christ. She has shown me the mightiness of God and many other things.
    My favorite professor.. Dr. Paul Muller.. instilled the love of ESL and Linguistics in my heart. He is one of the smartest men I’ve ever met. His love for his students and knowledge inspired me to be the teacher that I am today.

  5. – Fighting for the truth. From my father.
    – Unconditional service to GOD, Apostle Paul.
    – Not to be afraid to take thing over the edge, Bono.
    – Everything else: Rev. Tom. 🙂


  6. Lea Coppage

    This question led me to think about my whole life and the people in it. So yesterday I wrote down a list of those who have influenced my life in powerful ways. They have nudged me toward/along the right path. They have taught me how to love, laugh, and live. Their decisions have led to the fulfillment of my calling. They have challenged me to be the person that God has created me to be.

    My parents and my husband top the list; but I am amazed at the people whom God has used to bless me through the years. There are about 60 of you. Am I not the richest person in the world???

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