U2 this morning

Well at about 00:35 this morning U2 finally came on and did a song. I am not in possession of EVERY U2 song yet, but my guess is that this song was from the new album – which I’m going to buy today – and that is why – because of the context of Letterman’s stage and unfamiliarity with the message of the song (which is really important to me) I was less than wowed by the performance. I don’t know why they were stuck on the tail of the show like that, but it could have been better… I think Bono thought so too… I felt that he was trying to get the Letterman crowd into the song, but had only limited success… and Letterman at the end acted like he didn’t know what to do with the band… too much Letterman – too little U2 I guess.

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  1. observed well. That was my impression too. Maybe he was intimidated by them… fearing they grow on him or something…

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