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five inches of snow in the ‘ville

I love snow.. it began last night and the good news! The TV said “Covenant School – CLOSED!… then this morning it was still snowing!


as the snow covers the ground I am reminded “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow”…


I measured just about 5 inches on the back porch. And then the snow stopped and the sun came out to reveal the beauty of the snow coved neighborhood!


Now I have to uncover the Volvo and get ready to drive Sweet Anna to work!


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a quiet weekend

is what I have sought and have pretty much enjoyed. There was some frozen precip yesterday and one channel is calling for 6-12 inches of snow tonight, which actually means 1-3 inches. This is because the weather forecasting business is a ratings racket. The local weather is just about the ONLY thing a local TV station can use to boost ratings and therefore advertising revenue. So, what can we do? Learn to read a weather map and don’t let them scare you or get your hopes up (for those of us that are in or work in a school). Back to the quiet weekend.

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