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Thursday – Friday of week two

Last night we had a great time at worshipping the Lord and hearing from the Bible. Then we went for a prayer walk around the center of the city. This morning we had a great last day of school here is out annual camp picture on the front steps of the high school we have worked in…

tonight we will meet up with a bunch of these kids, share with them a bit of why we come to serve the Lord…

Tomorrow we head out on our third and final leg. At 0821 we will depart from Szaged train station for Subotica, Serbia and take a look around the city center and have lunch. At 2pm-ish we will catch a train to Sombor, Serbia where we will be met and driven by car to Vukovar, Croatia where we will serve the Agape church in Vukovar in word and song. Then Monday through Thursday we will teach an English camp for the church as an outreach and then on Friday morning next week we will head back to Hungary for debriefing and then the team leaves Hungary.

IMPORTANT NOTICE to families. The availability of internet may be quite limited for the next six days. If you do not hear from your student until next Friday afternoon, please DO NOT be alarmed. I hope to post here every couple of days, but who knows…

until next time… Grace from Peace

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posted about concentration camp…

over on Kingdom Travelin’

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pix from the concentration camp

Here are some pix from Auschwitz. I have not found a software to make pix smaller so I’m just gonna post some pix as they are, if are not on high speed, I’d skip this site for a while.

When the Jews (and other people groups) arrived, they were sorted on this train platform…
… this pic was taken from the main guard tower under which the train pulled in… these poor souls who had survived days, even weeks crammed into cattle cars were then met by Nazi officers and men from women and children… then those who would work sorted from those who went straight to the gas chamber and then the ovens…

… I separated from the group for this 40 minutes since I had been here several times before and quickly walked down to the sites of the gas chambers and ovens… they were blown up by the Nazis… the ruins lie much as they were found by the advancing Soviet army…

How do the people there react to the camp? This pic should answer that question… consider the looks on their faces…. teenagers laugh and joke at everything… there was little laughing and joking here…

Inside this building is the gas chamber that inspired my “poem” in an earlier post…

Finally, these words should speak for themselves… oh, were you aware that the largest nationality killed here were Hungarians? 420,000 souls were killed here…

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a busy 24 hours

since I last posted the team has been REALLY busy… taking care of some team unity business, dining together, then heading across the river to what could be central park of Szeged to meet kids for softball, Laura was catcher for her team…

then back across the Tisza river for ice cream and then to the river side for singing… when Arden led us in Amazing Grace I told the kids about the writer of the hymn and the change God did in him. It’s not what we do to change, its our willingness to let God change us… we are seeking opportunities to plant seeds…

then at 10pm, the old man went to catch his bus… the late night was met by an early morning session with the guys on Galatians at the best breakfast place in Syeged… Z Nagy cake and pastry shop… (yes Laci, I have been there EVEY morning since they opened on Tuesday!!!!!!)

Then to school for another day of teaching English lessons and connecting with kids. This afternoon everyone should be having a rest before we attend Arden’s University Bible Study this evening…

Tomorrow should be a rather full day, with teaching, playing sports, gathering downtown with kids for ice cream and singing… may that time be a time of further seed planting!!!!! May the Lord of the harvest be glorified.

The weather is hot and a bit more humid than usual… we keep hearing about this cold front from western Europe that is supposed to cool things down, but not yet… the forecast is for cooler weather on Saturday! That will be great as we are headed for Croatia via Serbia on a couple of slow moving trains… more about that later…

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busy times in Szeged: the half way mark

We are experiencing busy times in Szeged. teaching in the mornings until 1pm, then finding lunch, meeting people, or sports with kids (yesterday futball (soccer) right after English camp) until later in the afternoon. We squeeze in trips to the Internet cafe, the ice cream shop, a conversation with friends in the park, a well needed nap (it has been said that “Uncle Tom” takes lots of naps… I think “lots” is a stretch) here and there, washing clothes – well they should be washing clothes… ANYWAY, these are busy times. We have 59 students, each teach four or five classes, sing in song fest, and generally enjoy interacting with the kids from here in Szeged. last night some of the kids met for ice cream (Szeged has several amazing ice cream shops and cafes) and conversation. Tonight we are meeting in a huge park for baseball at 7 after it has begun to cool off. It is hot, it reaches the 90s daily but thanks to cloud cover it has stayed in the low 90s until today. Today it is HOT. So tonight, we will play a little baseball, get some more ice cream, and then sing some songs in the cool of the evening.

Tomorrow evening, we will attend a Bible study with our host Arden Campbell’s university Bible study. Another evening singing time is planned by the river for Friday night and then our work in Szeged is done. We catch the 0821 train to Serbia on Saturday morning. We will then connect to another train that will take us close to Croatia where our friends from Vukovar, Laci and Keri Nemeth will pick up up. We will serve in their church on Sunday and teach a four day English camp at their church, but more on all that later.

Today is the half-way mark of our trip. I must say that for the amount of travelling and different things we have done, I am very proud of this team. They are great travellers and have proved themselves to be good servants. Oh, yeah, there are the usual issues that come up in ANY group that have to be worked through, but there are really good overall attitudes and correctable spirits. When I arrived in our teacher’s room yesterday morning at 810 all six members of the team were sitting quietly reading their Bibles. A great group to work with indeed! At the half way mark, we are surely blessed. Ok, that’s it for today… please keep pray for Melanie, Tom, Caroline, Laura, Ginny, David and me!

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Budapest to Szeged via Krakow

We had an interesting day on Thursday getting some rest and thinking about lessons for Szeged. Tom David and I went to the Roman ruins at Aquincum in northern Budapest. It was amazing. More to come about Roman Budapest in the weeks to come over on Kingdom Travelin. That afternoon six of us boarded an overnight train to Krakow, Poland. It was a meaningful trip. I think the kids are still processing the whole thing. After the trip to Auschwitz, some words they used during a debriefing session were “I understood forgiveness” and “I understood why they hate” and I saw the evil that man is capable of.” More on that later. After an EXHAUSTING day we were glad to get in our beds on the train. I slept 9 hours almost non-stop. Back in Budapest we cleaned up, finished packing and straightening where we had been living (didn’t we girls?) and had a cookout with the Newells. Then while Uncle Tom napped the kids picked BUCKETS of (sour) cherrys. Then we headed to my fav train station and rode the train to Szeged. We got everyone fairly settled in their quarters and then crashed once again *at least I did, whew)

Yesterday was a day of seeking the LORD and worshipping. We met and travelled out to Calvary Chapel of Szeged and were encouraged and challenged in church. Then a traditional Hungarian lunch of Guyas soup we went to the Synagogue of Szeged. We prayer walked the Synagogue after talking a bit about the Szeged ghetto. I was reminded that there were more Hungarian Jews killed at Auschwitz than any other group. I need to post about prayer walking… but not now. Then to learn about Szeged buses and ice cream. Pallank RULES!!!!! Next, to Deak where we prayer walked and sang and asked God to bless our week of camp with the kids. Then everyone was encouraged to get some rest and get ready for the big day today.

This morning we began early (0755) with more prayer and preparation of rooms. Then we began our day of meeting, evaluating the English of, and teaching the kids… It was REALLY hectic with this small team, but they did an amazing job. This team is really awesome. We had a debriefing session at lunch afterward and made some plans which I will save for the next post… thanks for praying… please keep it up!!!

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I wrote this at Auschwitz Concentration Camp last Friday on my 5th or 6th trip there with students.

Gas chamber, Hole in ceiling,
Doors clang shut, Trap door opens,
Cylinder falls, People scream.
Those far away climb upon bodies,
Already dead, they form a pyramid of humanity,
Seeking clean air. Seeking life from fresh air.
The person who died at the top was last to die,
but first to be cremated. Ashes of these
Are scattered in a pond, which today
Is still grey.
Today, an inverted triangle with candles forms a shrine.
Candles light the space upon which bodies of people once piled up.

sorry to be so real…

more posts over on EE07

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