pix from the concentration camp

Here are some pix from Auschwitz. I have not found a software to make pix smaller so I’m just gonna post some pix as they are, if are not on high speed, I’d skip this site for a while.

When the Jews (and other people groups) arrived, they were sorted on this train platform…
… this pic was taken from the main guard tower under which the train pulled in… these poor souls who had survived days, even weeks crammed into cattle cars were then met by Nazi officers and men from women and children… then those who would work sorted from those who went straight to the gas chamber and then the ovens…

… I separated from the group for this 40 minutes since I had been here several times before and quickly walked down to the sites of the gas chambers and ovens… they were blown up by the Nazis… the ruins lie much as they were found by the advancing Soviet army…

How do the people there react to the camp? This pic should answer that question… consider the looks on their faces…. teenagers laugh and joke at everything… there was little laughing and joking here…

Inside this building is the gas chamber that inspired my “poem” in an earlier post…

Finally, these words should speak for themselves… oh, were you aware that the largest nationality killed here were Hungarians? 420,000 souls were killed here…

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