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I’m travelin

don’t forget, most of my posting is over on EE07

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VonLazo, eat your heart out

words are not necessary

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Thursday – Friday of week two

Last night we had a great time at worshipping the Lord and hearing from the Bible. Then we went for a prayer walk around the center of the city. This morning we had a great last day of school here is out annual camp picture on the front steps of the high school we have worked in…

tonight we will meet up with a bunch of these kids, share with them a bit of why we come to serve the Lord…

Tomorrow we head out on our third and final leg. At 0821 we will depart from Szaged train station for Subotica, Serbia and take a look around the city center and have lunch. At 2pm-ish we will catch a train to Sombor, Serbia where we will be met and driven by car to Vukovar, Croatia where we will serve the Agape church in Vukovar in word and song. Then Monday through Thursday we will teach an English camp for the church as an outreach and then on Friday morning next week we will head back to Hungary for debriefing and then the team leaves Hungary.

IMPORTANT NOTICE to families. The availability of internet may be quite limited for the next six days. If you do not hear from your student until next Friday afternoon, please DO NOT be alarmed. I hope to post here every couple of days, but who knows…

until next time… Grace from Peace

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