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last full 24 hrs in the ‘ville, some goodbyes

I’m outta the USA tomorrow… headed to Hungary, Croatia (via Serbia) Poland to experience Aouscwitz again with students, then to Ukraine alone, then to Praha (Prague) with Jo to see Mark and Joanna and Sasha (we hope)… so I’m thinking much or all of my blogging will be over on the trip blog. Though I’m guessing that I will be posting brief thoughts and links to that blog along the way… over on the trip blog are some thoughts about the busy-ness of getting ready (and about the faithfullness of God!!!)

I gave two books to good friends with whom I have travelled and had GREAT conversations… these two friends are moving from the ‘ville to pursue life in different places in the USA…

Anne, I got The Way of the Heart, last year for my birthday. It is a call indeed to the heart! I pray it is to you too. Godspeed!

Liz, I hope you enjoy Volf, I went and got it and started it, so lets email!

check out the trip blog

Okay, that’s it, I gotta go pack, Peace from Grace!

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