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busy times in Szeged: the half way mark

We are experiencing busy times in Szeged. teaching in the mornings until 1pm, then finding lunch, meeting people, or sports with kids (yesterday futball (soccer) right after English camp) until later in the afternoon. We squeeze in trips to the Internet cafe, the ice cream shop, a conversation with friends in the park, a well needed nap (it has been said that “Uncle Tom” takes lots of naps… I think “lots” is a stretch) here and there, washing clothes – well they should be washing clothes… ANYWAY, these are busy times. We have 59 students, each teach four or five classes, sing in song fest, and generally enjoy interacting with the kids from here in Szeged. last night some of the kids met for ice cream (Szeged has several amazing ice cream shops and cafes) and conversation. Tonight we are meeting in a huge park for baseball at 7 after it has begun to cool off. It is hot, it reaches the 90s daily but thanks to cloud cover it has stayed in the low 90s until today. Today it is HOT. So tonight, we will play a little baseball, get some more ice cream, and then sing some songs in the cool of the evening.

Tomorrow evening, we will attend a Bible study with our host Arden Campbell’s university Bible study. Another evening singing time is planned by the river for Friday night and then our work in Szeged is done. We catch the 0821 train to Serbia on Saturday morning. We will then connect to another train that will take us close to Croatia where our friends from Vukovar, Laci and Keri Nemeth will pick up up. We will serve in their church on Sunday and teach a four day English camp at their church, but more on all that later.

Today is the half-way mark of our trip. I must say that for the amount of travelling and different things we have done, I am very proud of this team. They are great travellers and have proved themselves to be good servants. Oh, yeah, there are the usual issues that come up in ANY group that have to be worked through, but there are really good overall attitudes and correctable spirits. When I arrived in our teacher’s room yesterday morning at 810 all six members of the team were sitting quietly reading their Bibles. A great group to work with indeed! At the half way mark, we are surely blessed. Ok, that’s it for today… please keep pray for Melanie, Tom, Caroline, Laura, Ginny, David and me!

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