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tomorrow the adventure begins

we leave tomorrow! its been a CRAZY week, filled with the business of making sure everything at home is taken care of, getting cars serviced, paying bills… hey Tristan, don’t forget the grass, okay??? checking the post office for donations…
until today, we were STILL short of funds for our “bare bones budget”… BUT today, thanks be to God working through His people, we have met our “bare bones” budget! We will go to Krakow and the concentration camp… Today I got a great plan from Lea for our first two or three days days of ministry… Hey team, bring rain gear, we may play baseball in the rain!!!! Mark’s stuff came, I got a toy for the boys, got my guitar tuned up so I can drive people CRAZY – YEAH!!!!! worship books printed, now I gotta pack Jo’s and my stuff… tomorrow will match the week… final errands around town, at Covenant in the AM, then lunch with Anna and on the raod to DC, dinner with Becca, then to Dulles… I sure hope the kids eat on the way like I asked and then sleep on the plane… Well, this is the first real trip post… it may be apparant that I’m pretty excited about this journey with a great team, pray for us will ya???
Melanie, Tom Caroline, Laura, Ginny, and David… oh, me too – Tomislav
keep checkin the blog for updates… oh, I wouldn’t not expect to have time to post again until Sunday, but, who knows????

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