a busy 24 hours

since I last posted the team has been REALLY busy… taking care of some team unity business, dining together, then heading across the river to what could be central park of Szeged to meet kids for softball, Laura was catcher for her team…

then back across the Tisza river for ice cream and then to the river side for singing… when Arden led us in Amazing Grace I told the kids about the writer of the hymn and the change God did in him. It’s not what we do to change, its our willingness to let God change us… we are seeking opportunities to plant seeds…

then at 10pm, the old man went to catch his bus… the late night was met by an early morning session with the guys on Galatians at the best breakfast place in Syeged… Z Nagy cake and pastry shop… (yes Laci, I have been there EVEY morning since they opened on Tuesday!!!!!!)

Then to school for another day of teaching English lessons and connecting with kids. This afternoon everyone should be having a rest before we attend Arden’s University Bible Study this evening…

Tomorrow should be a rather full day, with teaching, playing sports, gathering downtown with kids for ice cream and singing… may that time be a time of further seed planting!!!!! May the Lord of the harvest be glorified.

The weather is hot and a bit more humid than usual… we keep hearing about this cold front from western Europe that is supposed to cool things down, but not yet… the forecast is for cooler weather on Saturday! That will be great as we are headed for Croatia via Serbia on a couple of slow moving trains… more about that later…

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