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New Russia – what Putin really wants

So the name ‘New Russia’ is back in the news as NovoCzar Vladimir the KGB agent gets ‘interviewed’ by a lake in Russia. In said interview Putin called again for Kyiv to negotiate with the terrorists and mercenaries he has facilitated in Ukraine.

This ‘New Russia’ idea is an old one dating from Czarist days (appropriate for the NovoCzar Vladimir don’t you think?). You can read about the ‘New Russia’ here, be sure to scroll down in the ‘History’ section to see the 1921 Soviet poster that proclaims “Donbass is the heart of Russia” which says a lot.

So shortly after Czar Vladimir called the area ‘New Russia’ a Kremlin spokesman back pedaled to ‘clarify’ what the Soviet Premier, oh, sorry, the Russian president said.

Meanwhile, the EU has appointed a new foreign policy chief from Italy (yes, Italy) who was originally opposed by many of the eastern EU nations because she may be soft on Russia.

Please pray for Ukraine.

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caught in the middle, #prayForUkraine

I can only imagine what Ukrainians are feeling right now. At the top of the list must be fear and close behind it, frustration.

In the last few days the Russians have intensified their involvement significantly. The West makes statements of outrage and sets up sanctions. But none of this phases Putin, he just denies involvement.

Putin is certain that no one will do anything of substance. The War weary populations of NATO countries will not tolerate their ‘boots on the ground’ and their elected officials wouldn’t even suggest it.

To put their troops in the path of Russian forces is way to risky. They ask themselves: Is Ukraine worth the risk? Their answer? No.

Meanwhile, 2000+ are dead, hundreds of thousands are refugees and the cities of the Donbas begin to resemble Vukovar in 1992.

Winter is coming and Ukrainians will pay 40% more for gas to heat their homes, if Russia doesn’t cut the gas off completely. I keep waiting for the news of terrorist attacks in other parts of Ukraine.

So Ukrainians are caught between Czar Vladimir and a West with no real plan and less willingness.

Please pray for Ukraine.

Here are links to some of the latest news:


Washington Post with NATO sat pics

Washington Post on today’s news from the front.

USA Today reports UN Security Council will meet this afternoon in special season.

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Humanitarian aid? Nyiet.

For a while there was a drama about a Russian military convoy camouflaged in white to look like humanitarian aid.

The drama was a mystery since journalists in Russia showed that many of the trucks were less than half full, some nearly empty.

Today the mystery was solved. They were going to a Luhansk munitions factory to pick up military equipment. Humanitarian aid? Nyiet.

Watch EuroNews Here

Read Washington Post Here

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refugees #prayForUkraine

For many months now there have been a flood of refugees from Eastern Ukraine. Some go east to Russia where they, it would seem, feel more drawn culturally toward a more eastern mind set. But there has also been a flood westward into central and western Ukraine. People have left the Donbass for many reasons, but safety has been the biggest reason, I think persecution against many protestants might be second, but the press will not touch that. Every day I was in Ukraine in July a new story of need was told of a person, a family or a group who had fled westward from the east. Our partners and friends were housing and feeding them in private homes and even in empty beds in abandoned children’s homes. This clip from Euronews is only telling of the eastward escape into Russia but the visuals may cause us to pause and pray for Ukraine. [please NOTE if you play the video, YouTube will keep running videos until you stop it]

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back in the USSR

This week the Russian government banned food imports from USA, EU and others. This in retaliation for sanctions. This shows two things. First, Russia has few ways to strike back economically. Second, Czar Vladimir cares nothing for Russians.

Russia imports 70% of its food. 25% from the countries they have now banned imports from. This will cause shortages and food inflation.

Kinda like during the Soviet times.

Huh, I guess Czar Vladimir is getting things back to the old ways like he wants after all. He makes decrees and now Russians (who do not have the right to protest) will suffer like their eastern Ukrainian neighbors upon whom Czar Vladimir has unleashed his mercenaries.

Yep, just like back in the USSR.

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blinded by money and power

More Europeans are now supportive of various kinds of sanctions against Russia. But it took the killing of a plane full of people to get them to this point.

I’ve read two articles about ideas to punish Russia and Putin. Earlier in the week a German politician floated the idea of FIFA taking the World Cup away from Russia. Yeah right, like FIFA has a moral compass.

Today the Post has an article along these lines READ HERE about a businessman from Holland.

My question is, with all that has gone on in the last 8 months (and long before ) of Russia imposing itself on Ukraine, in a long line of impositions on former Soviet states, why did it take the murder of 298 people to make leaders (of all kinds), except apparently the French, who push forward with a military ship sale to Russia, to wake up to the reality of what Putin really is and wants?

I suggest it is the love of money and the need for power.

These two are two of the greatest stumbling blocks of humankind.

Which forces me to ask myself, what are the ways I’m being blinded by money and/or power in my own life and community? What about you?

What tragedy will it take to get us to awake from the denials of our lives?

We don’t need to be slaves to the desire for money and/ or power. Jesus died and rose again to give us the opportunity to be freed from such slavery in our own lives. We just need to wake up and realize that turning to him will guide us toward what is right. He offers us freedom and direction based on what is right, not on what works or has the best outcome for the most people. To follow his path is freedom indeed.

What are the ways I need to turn to him and away from slavery to money and/or power?

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