New Russia – what Putin really wants

So the name ‘New Russia’ is back in the news as NovoCzar Vladimir the KGB agent gets ‘interviewed’ by a lake in Russia. In said interview Putin called again for Kyiv to negotiate with the terrorists and mercenaries he has facilitated in Ukraine.

This ‘New Russia’ idea is an old one dating from Czarist days (appropriate for the NovoCzar Vladimir don’t you think?). You can read about the ‘New Russia’ here, be sure to scroll down in the ‘History’ section to see the 1921 Soviet poster that proclaims “Donbass is the heart of Russia” which says a lot.

So shortly after Czar Vladimir called the area ‘New Russia’ a Kremlin spokesman back pedaled to ‘clarify’ what the Soviet Premier, oh, sorry, the Russian president said.

Meanwhile, the EU has appointed a new foreign policy chief from Italy (yes, Italy) who was originally opposed by many of the eastern EU nations because she may be soft on Russia.

Please pray for Ukraine.

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