refugees #prayForUkraine

For many months now there have been a flood of refugees from Eastern Ukraine. Some go east to Russia where they, it would seem, feel more drawn culturally toward a more eastern mind set. But there has also been a flood westward into central and western Ukraine. People have left the Donbass for many reasons, but safety has been the biggest reason, I think persecution against many protestants might be second, but the press will not touch that. Every day I was in Ukraine in July a new story of need was told of a person, a family or a group who had fled westward from the east. Our partners and friends were housing and feeding them in private homes and even in empty beds in abandoned children’s homes. This clip from Euronews is only telling of the eastward escape into Russia but the visuals may cause us to pause and pray for Ukraine. [please NOTE if you play the video, YouTube will keep running videos until you stop it]

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