Purpose of Gathering For Church?

Tomorrow I’m going to put out my thoughts on this and rant a bit. But today I just want you to chew on this:

Gatherings should be meetings that promote spiritual development, not just a time to inspire Christians.


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2 responses to “Purpose of Gathering For Church?

  1. Not sure I agree as this view leads to a selfish spirituality where if I’m not developing, I shouldn’t be here. The initial quote tends to a judgemental critia when looking at the church. Whose standards of spiritual development do you use? Western/Easten/Early church/…. The problems are endless

    I would like to suggest a different definition

    “Gatherings should be places where all seasons of the soul/spiritual life can be expressed”

    Within this you have planting, growth/development, harvesting and death all in equal measures

    • Tom Foley

      Could a discussion be brewing! I can’t wait to see the responses to tomorrow’s post!!!

      On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 8:31 AM, kingdom travelin' wrote:


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