caught in the middle, #prayForUkraine

I can only imagine what Ukrainians are feeling right now. At the top of the list must be fear and close behind it, frustration.

In the last few days the Russians have intensified their involvement significantly. The West makes statements of outrage and sets up sanctions. But none of this phases Putin, he just denies involvement.

Putin is certain that no one will do anything of substance. The War weary populations of NATO countries will not tolerate their ‘boots on the ground’ and their elected officials wouldn’t even suggest it.

To put their troops in the path of Russian forces is way to risky. They ask themselves: Is Ukraine worth the risk? Their answer? No.

Meanwhile, 2000+ are dead, hundreds of thousands are refugees and the cities of the Donbas begin to resemble Vukovar in 1992.

Winter is coming and Ukrainians will pay 40% more for gas to heat their homes, if Russia doesn’t cut the gas off completely. I keep waiting for the news of terrorist attacks in other parts of Ukraine.

So Ukrainians are caught between Czar Vladimir and a West with no real plan and less willingness.

Please pray for Ukraine.

Here are links to some of the latest news:


Washington Post with NATO sat pics

Washington Post on today’s news from the front.

USA Today reports UN Security Council will meet this afternoon in special season.

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