to all of Mr. Driscoll’s critics who are piling on


A story:

Some bloggers, Tweeters and other guys brought a preacher to Jesus and said “Jesus look what this guy has done! He did this and that and the other thing!! He deserves punishment! He doesn’t belong in the ministry!!”

“Yeah?” Jesus said, picking up his phone and taking off his sunglasses. “Let he that is without sin send the next Tweet or post on his blog.”

Jesus took a sip of his iced tea and began texting on his smartphone. Phones around the crowd began pinging and popping. With each ping and ding and ring a blogger or tweeter would look down at his phone, read the message and turn and leave the coffee shop. One guy stormed off angrily and almost knocked down an old lady. Soon, just the preacher stood there all alone.

“Where are your accusers?” Jesus asked.

The preacher started to say something but thought better and kept quiet.

“Go and sin no more.”


Yes, we need to learn and you might READ my thoughts HERE, but we need to let God be his judge and let his leaders have a chance to work with him. Did anybody send him J.R.’s book?. If you haven’t read Fail, you should! MY REVIEW

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