Ukraine today

From what I can tell from my visit to Ukraine, among many people, life goes on after tragedies of the last few years. I noted in an earlier post that my impression, from my limited 8 day visit, was very good!

the drive from the main airport into Kyiv

Construction of apartments, offices and commercial properties continue, seemingly without slowing. 

In Vinnytsia, where I taught for a week in the new Ukranian Theological Seminary, I was taken aback at the development in the district in which I lived for 7 days. It reminded me of a middle class neighborhood in Budapest.


this western neighborhood was thriving

One thing I noted was the apparent well being of the people. One would not be able to tell many of them apart from their Central Europen counterparts. 

There was not a mood of gloom, but of moving forward. I don’t think my colleagues there would wish to be termed optimistic, but without question in my mind, they are. 

Returning to Kyiv for a brief stop before flying on to Budapest, I joined a good friend and two of his boys for a walk around the zoo. There, many Ukrainian families were enjoying themselves.

But this is just what I saw. 

I was asked to be the guest at a US Embassy program for young people. Rather than me talking, I suggested they ask questions. One girl asked my opinion on the situation in Ukraine. Red faced, My response was that I was not well informed on the subject because it was no longer a main subject for the press. She rebuked me for my lack of curiosity about the war. Soon I was better informed.
This morning I saw that PBS NewsHour had put together an informative update 



on the situation in Ukraine. Please CLICK HERE TO WATCH. That way the next time you’re asked, you’ll have a better answer than mine.

Pray for Ukraine.

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